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4 Critical Factors To Consider While Choosing A Campus Management Solution

Automation in today’s world is the key for success in any industry. If you talk about 21st century education institutes they are becoming digitally advanced and successful in managing their campus operations using technology at the forefront.

One of the most common software solutions that have successfully become a part of most universities/colleges across the world is the Campus Management ERP. An ERP solution reduces or completely eliminates most of the manual processes of an institution and provides the institution an integrated online platform where most of the tasks can be managed online. An ERP solution benefits all the stakeholders of the institution including student, faculty, administrative staff and management

Some of the critical factors that an institution should consider for opting an ERP solution are listed below:

However one needs to consider few points to understand if their institute should or is prepared to opt for an ERP solution. Please find below 4 important factors to consider while choosing a Campus Management Software:

  1. Re-engineering of institute processes
  2. Handling change management
  3. Training
  4. Higher Management Involvement

Re-engineering of institute processes: An institute comprises of various departments and processes such as fees/finance, admission, examination, attendance marking, time table generation etc. To streamline all these processes and departments, Re-engineering of different functions and departments is need to be done, so that they fit into solutions functionality and helps in achievement of highly effective outputs. An institute can hire an external consultant or organization who can do BPR of their existing process and let the institute know the best solution to fit to their requirements.

Handling change management: An institute need to foresee the adaptability of the staff and faculty to use an ERP solution in an institute. It feels ironic that the very people who teach their students about adapting to change, learning new things and keeping an open mind find themselves acting the opposite way when they get introduced to a new software solution. Changes would be observed in the behaviour of staff and also in various departments which is quite natural however an institute should not get itself let down because of such change management. They should impart and guide the stakeholders that technology is going to ease their life and once the initial resistance are overcome, the efficiency and performance of the institution processes will improve significantly.

Training: When you start hunting for the best ERP solution in market you would be flooded with numerous offering from various ERP vendors or solution providers. Different companies have different offering in terms of the features and functionality covered in their ERP. One very important aspect to understand while choosing an ERP solution is the training that is provided during implementation. End-user training should be provided to understand the complexities and functionalities of the solution. Training also helps in maximizing benefits, reducing costs, saving time and minimizing the overall efforts. Effective training has always proved to be the primary factor leading to successful implementations.

Higher Management Involvement: The decision to consider or choose an ERP solution should not be a single person responsibility in an institution. A team should be framed consisting of technical staff and higher management persons. This is required as many issues need to be finalized before one can zero in on deciding which solution to purchase or not. When the higher management is involved, informed decisions can be made much faster and accurately. Accountability for every decision and strategy goes up reflecting in final results. Additionally, their support leads to commitment across all the other departments as well.

Summary: The above four factors play quite a critical role in determining the success of ERP solution implementation by an institute. Overlooking either would be quite detrimental to the institution, putting great risk on the investment. We suggest that educational institutes should focus on optimizing the benefits that are a result of automating different processes. Implementing Academia ERP is the first step to achieve that. Rest will follow for the good.

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