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Academia SIS - Student Information System


With the changing landscape in higher education, the role of technology is more important than ever before to support scalability, handle evolving requirements, manage multiple modes of communication and ensure efficiency. Academia SIS has been developed considering all these scenarios and to suit the current and future needs of evolving higher education institutions.

Academia SIS is a unique solution for Group Institutions, Business Schools, Universities, Colleges etc. It automates complete student life cycle and supports activities for students, faculties, staff and parents. This is a feature rich, configurable solution which is developed keeping in mind various complex process of colleges and universities.

Academia SIS is capable of handling group institutions very effectively. It provides the ability to get complete/macro picture of the whole organization along with information of individual business unit.





Academia SIS Benefits: 


Efficient Work-Process Flow

Automation & Streamlining of functions brings efficient work process flow across institutes

Better Control

Standardization of processes and quick access to information brings better control on processes

Resource Optimization

Efficient and standardized processes lead to optimized use of resources

Data Security

Security at different levels (Audit trail) helps to maintain integrity of information and data




Academia SIS Features : 


  • Define organizations basic setup, reporting structure etc.
  • Setup Address, currency, language etc.
  • Manage various campaigns.
  • Analyze performance of campaigns using dashboard and reports.
  • Manage database of prospects and enquiries.
  • Manage follow up efficiently for the enquiries.
  • Analyze of enquiries through dashboard and report.
  • Manage complete admission cycle.
  • Manage application form sale.
  • Analysis of admissions on various parameters using dashboard and parameters.
  • Maintain detailed student profile.
  • Generate student ID card and barcode.
  • Aggregate student information from all other modules.
  • Create and manage the different degrees that run in the institute.
  • Define degree name.
  • Define degree nature (Yearly, Semester, Trimester).
  • Define degree length.
  • Enroll/Un-enroll students in a program.
  • Define lesson plan for the courses.
  • Map faculties to different courses.
  • Assign topics to faculties.
  • Create of multiple fee plans creation of different type of Admission, Program, Exam, Different services etc.
  • Enroll student in single/multiple fee plan.
  • Generate fee submission and receipt.
  • Generate fee related reports for Collection, Outstanding, Bills, Refunds etc.
  • Create multiple templates, master time table process.
  • Conflict checking for students, courses, teachers and rooms at time of time-table entry.
  • Represent graphically reports of timetable for Students, Faculty, Rooms resources.
  • Extend time table for attendance marking system.
  • Integration with time table to generate session (periods) details for attendance.
  • Mark attendance course section wise.
  • Integrate with biometric based student class attendance solution (optional).
  • Pre Examination activities management – Exam Scheduling, Setting up Examinations, Rules for evaluation, Exam component etc.
  • Examination day activities Management- Invigilators Management, Exam attendance etc.
  • Post Examination Activities – Marks Entry, Grade Management, Mark sheet Creation etc.
  • Manage Assignment for the students (Individual Assignment & Group Assignment).
  • Integration with any standard Accounting engine like Tally, Quickbooks etc.
  • Manage Completion of program (Normal Completion, Student Termination).
  • Send automated and Ad hoc messages ex. SMS, Email and System Generated Notifications.
  • Manage calendar for student & Faculty.
  • Manage transport (Bus, Routes, Bus-Routes –Student Mapping, Transport Fee).
  • Manage resource for daily activities and events.
  • Manage different Roles and User.
  • Create certificate using template generator
  • Document Management.
  • Manage complete Employee Record Management & leaves.
  • Manage different scholarships being offered
  • Tightly integrated with fee module.
  • Dashboard & Reports for all the modules with analytical capabilities.

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