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Academia Transform Awards

To be considered for Academia Transform Awards, select one category for which you would like to nominate yourself or someone else and respond to the prompts below. Summarize the digital initiative taken by the institute and the digital technologies that are in use.

There is a 2000-word limit for the full nomination form.

Deadline for submission: Nominate your institution by February 28, 2023, 5 PM IST.

Please feel free to connect with us for any questions related to the award at

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    To be considered for the Academia Transform Awards -

    1.Select and indicate the one category you are interested in for the nomination.

    2.Provide supporting materials focused on the category.

    3.Summarize the institution's initiative or project details.

    4.Tell what technology/software is being used in the institute to achieve digital transformation.

    5.Summarize how you decided to undergo digital transformation.

    6.Describe the progress and success the institution now enjoys.

    7.Summarize the results achieved after implementing technology in the institute.

    Award Category:

    Include the following supporting details for evaluation purposes.

    Goals: [Max. 250 words]*

    (Reasons to undergo digital transformation, specific areas of improvement, and significant challenges faced by the institute)

    Improvement: [Max. 250 words]*

    (Tell us about the unique approach used by the institute to face the challenges and new-found opportunities)

    Results: [Max. 500 words]*

    (Describe the effects of digital transformation. What was the initiative's impact on students, faculty, staff, and other constituents? Do you have data to back the result, such as ROI, cost saving, and increased productivity?)

    Measurement: [Max. 500 words]*

    Provide quantifiable measurements as a result of the initiative. Examples of quantifiable measurements include (but are not limited to) improved retention metrics, increased revenue, or reduced costs. Results can be quantifiable or anecdotal, but quantified results will lead to better scoring.

    Deadline for submission: Nominate your institution before February 28, 2023, 5 PM IST.

    Other Information: [Max. 500 words] (Optional)

    Additional space is provided to add or cite additional information. The nominee should make certain to indicate the significance of additional information to the application questions.


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