How to Improve Admission Rates in Your Institution in 2020? [Know in Our Webinar]

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The upcoming session will not be as you planned. From session planning to curriculum management, all will be affected by this uncertainty. The situation will be controlled sooner or later and for that, your institute should be ready to kick off your admission plan with a better strategy. Admission management takes the top priority.

For K12 or higher education institutions, admissions are the most important aspect of the growth of any educational institution. Not only in the aspects of reputation, credibility, sustainability but also in terms of revenue.

The admission process involves inquiry, form sale, form submission, application, document submission, and whatnot. It’s not very easy to manage all these processes smoothly and efficiently and meet the YOY target. That’s why digital transformation plays an important role here. And nowadays, even primary schools have started automating their student admission tasks. With the online application, inquiry management leads to follow up, target management, seamless data flow; institutes can save time and money both by a significant amount.

To guide educators to manage the growth of educational institutions and to resolve their question; How automation can increase student intake; Academia by Serosoft is bringing a FREE webinar on 15, 25, & 17 April 2020.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How automation in admission can bring Ease of Applying for students
  • How automation can give you Streamlined Admission Processes
  • How Academia SIS can give your Centralized Platform for admission
  • What are the benefits of Digitized Records
  • How automation can help you to make Faster & Informed Decisions

You will get to know, how with the help Academia ERP system, you can manage the entire admission process in a single platform. You will also know, how with our AI Chat Bot, you can manage inquiry more efficiently and increase the lead generation rate with our centralized data management system.

Join the webinar with our experts

In this webinar, you will be led by our ERP specialists. They will guide through the step by step process how to manage your day-to-day problem in admission and how automation can help to navigate through these problems and ensure increased admission rates.

Our speakers are:

Mayank Khairnar
ERP Specialist

Mayank is one of our outstanding ERP Experts. He has been in this domain for more than three years. He has been the best representative of most of our clients. His knowledge will enlighten you with the path-breaking trends in digital transformation in the education system and how education ERPs are simplifying institute management and brings productivity. He has been a representative of Academia ERP, BETT, the world’s leading EdTech event. Twice.

Chetan Sharma
Subject Matter Expert

Chetan has 12 years of experience in automation in education with in-depth functionalities of technology. His wide experience will tell you how institutions are increasing their admission rates with automation, bringing efficiency and high ROI. He will entail you to a digital pathway for the efficiency and success of your institute.

Are you looking for guidance to increase the admissions rate in your institution?

Then this is the moment to look out for! Irrespective of the type of institution (Universities/Colleges, Schools & Training Institutions), implementing Automated Admission Management is your best bet!

Ready to join the webinar? Know the rest of the information and book your slot from here!

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