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Are you one of those institutes who is looking to attract more students for your Institute?


Every institute here is looking to hike its admissions through various ways. We are here to tell you a few best ways which could effectively help you generate great leads at this time of the year i.e. peak season of admission.

So, here are 5 effective ways to do it!!!

1. The very first golden rule: You should treat students at your utmost priority.

Institutes must consider that the students don’t need them, and they need the students instead. This way they must treat students and their career as their topmost priority and as you all know when it comes to institute: quality education is everything. The admission process should be moulded according to ease the students. Each step should be as easy pie, and therefore that is how students will enroll in the first step at your institute.

2. Provide them access to Admission Form using digital online way!

Admission/ enquiry forms should be available at the website portal, not only these forms but also 24*7 chat service will be an add-on to the Institute lead generation process.

This type of management will also help in greater accuracy of management of the leads because they will no loss, miss handling, misplacing of forms.

Elimination of such inaccuracy will bring-in the difference in the no. of leads.

3. Accept admission and course documents online in a digital way to simplify the process.

Accept form fee, course fee, etc. online to eliminate queues.

Queues are a big problem for both institutes as well as students, to eliminate this, it is important that institutes introduce such web portals that allow online submissions of student documents and payment gateways for student various type of fee submissions.

4. You can conduct online entrance exams to simplify and automate the selection process.

Conducting entrance examination requires too many resources that is, registering students, recruiting staff for exam, stationary, exam hall etc. Conducting online examination is way cost effective and more convenient management wise. The automated processes of online exams help qualify students directly through these systems, therefore, exclude biases and give a clear report of student shortlisting.

5. Also, Focus on Alumni: They are brand ambassadors of your institute.

Provide incentives to alumni for interacting with prospective students.

Alumni are the students who have been in your institute and can be the best advisors to the prospective students if they should join the institute or not. What experiences they’ve had at the institute etc. Therefore, this way alumni management play a very crucial role in image building and lead generating of an institute. Institutes should organize a program to benefit the alumni for the positive feedback. Institutes can create an alumni portal for smart alumni management so that all the alumni can stay connected with institutes and get its all latest update regularly. Also, Social media pages can be created for them for positive response and presence online which will create a great awareness of an institute.

Long story cut short: Digital is the way to go- Becoming Techno Savvy at the right time will help institute reap the best of the fruits.

Keep communication going about your success stories of students, teachers through social media and other digital mediums.

In addition to it, institutes can conduct inter-institute competitions & events for building an institutional brand.
Digital is the most cost-efficient way to boost your admissions and manage them well, henceforth help you generate the huge revenues.

Let’s get started!!!

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