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Globalization In The Indian Education Sector-Academia ERP- Automation in Education

Impact Of Globalization In The Indian Education Sector

It is often been said that globalization is altogether a new concept which is few years old but then an important question arises -Is it really a new idea?

Nalanda and Taxila universities were the centers of learning which attracted students from different countries. The great Hindu spiritual leader Swami Vivekananda had also pledged for the amalgamation of the best educational practices across different geographies. However, in today world with advanced information and communication technologies (ICT), the concept of globalization is being incorporated in the field of education. This vary concept had resulted in smooth flow of ideas, information, new technologies and skilled manpower across the globe. As rightly mentioned by the renowned expert – ‘Knowledge is a public good for the benefit of all’.

Globalization is the result of political stand taken by the government of different countries to liberalize and open up their economies to the outside world. This process got catalyzed by the evolutionin the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) ensuring smooth flow of communication round the clock. To give better shape to globalization implementation, certain agreements had been signed between the member countries. General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) that came into effect in the year1995 was one such agreement aimed to create an open global market for trade in services including education. Hence, education comes under one of the services that is open to inflow of investments from abroad.

Globalization BenefitsIn The Field Of Education:Advantages of Globalization In Education Sector-Academia ERP

  • Overcoming Shortfalls Through Stiff Competition: The education scenario in our country needs to be revamped in many areas at a faster rate. This process could begin in an effective manner when there exists a stiff competition from abroad. For example, world’s renowned Universities/Institutes attract Indian students. Similarly, there exists prominent Indian Universities/Institutes attracting students from abroad thereby leading to educational export.
  • Enable Choice-BasedSelection: Students and Faculties can now be a part of global education system off their choice without even relocating the country. Thus, enabling them to utilize the best of available opportunities of the world at ease.
  • High Cultural Impact: Talking about India, where a huge Influence of foreign culture exists. Such cultural exchange adds different flavors to the local culture and enriches it.

To Sum It Up:

Globalization in the field of education has resulted in the privatization of institutes, Foreign direct investment, Cross border supply of educational services/resources by setting up institutes in other countries, Temporary Faculty and student exchange across the countries.
But there do exists the other side of globalization such as it will not create a level playing field for all countries and countries having technological superiority may dominate other countries. Also, there are high chances of education getting commercialized with local needs getting undermined.

At last, the biggest advantage of globalization is that it will create an environment of healthy competition with foreign educational institutes resulting in exponential growth of students and teachers across the globe.


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