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Importance of Library Management System in Education Industry

Libraries dole out a critical role in the Education industry. It is considered as the brain of any education institute, be it small or large schools, colleges or universities. Today education institutes understand the importance of the library with the increase in education standards. With the development of digital content, it becomes more important to manage the catalog of educational information with a scalable and reliable Library Management System that will support the general requirement of the library. Easy to use Campus library management systems are now available for stress-free management of campus libraries of any size. A trustworthy web-based library management system provides a complete resolution for students, librarians, and faculty members.

Library Management system helps in maintaining data of books issued to learners and books available in the library. This helps librarians to spot any particular book at any given time in the library. This kind of Library management system can be easily customized as per individuals requirements. It’s easy to use interface and immediate reporting makes things easier for the school library staff. For easy arrangement, such type of system divides the books on Biographer name, Manuscript group, Publisher and more. With the help of barcode, the Librarian can keep track of different records such as:

  • Issue DateLibrary-Management-Software-ERP-Academia-SIS
  • Return Date
  • Book catalogs with different genres
  • Number of books issued
  • Number of books available
  • Collection & Calculation of Fine on the individual book

Barcodes make sure about the speedy and flawless operation and categorizing the books as per different genres. With the help of services like the SMS & E-mail facility, the librarian can send messages and emails to notify book issues, book return, list of books available in the library, holidays, events, fine, etc… Such a structure, also makes available an option for the librarian to collect all the basic details displayed in the form of reports such as excel, word file, and PDF.

With the help of such a system, it is also easy from a student’s perspective to keep themselves up to date in regards to the book issued to them as well as helps in mapping the available books. In addition to this, if there is a book fair or some other event organized by the library, students can be easily be notified for the same. As this system works on an online portal, it is possible to access it online anytime and anywhere for students as well as for teachers with the help of internet connectivity. Even Students’ and teachers’ RFID Id cards can be integrated with the online system to make the entire process connected and hassle-free.

Library management systems enable system administrators to keep an eye on the library department’s functioning and also enables librarians and users to maximize time and efficiency. By using this kind of system, the management would be able to understand the work outline and fineness of different librarians as well. They also get to know how well-maintained the record of issued books and fine collection is, apart from this management is also being able to track the income from fines due to late submissions of books.

The librarian and the management will also get reports with various productive data. There can be reports on borrowing and lending, which can be engendered in different formats. Such reports can help with ease in the decision making procedure. It also keeps the record of all suppliers and bookbinders. A well-organized computerized library management system will enhance the efficiency of the library. This kind of high-quality system should enable the librarian to supervise library resources in a more effective way to save time and effort. Quick to implement and easy to set up, such software requires only minimal maintenance after installation. Academia ERP is one of the ERP software available today that requires minimal time to implement and easy to set up, and even this software requires only minimal maintenance after installation.

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