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Ghana Technology University College is one of the leading institutes in West Africa. Its roots are from Ghana Telecom’s flagship Training Centre which was used as Royal Air Force (RAF) Training School to train telecommunications technicians during the Second World War in Africa. But soon it got privatized and became main source of teaching and certification in Telecommunications Engineering.

The college’s main focus has always been on delivering quality education and building an advance perspective in the world. The basic ideology is to transform students with an overall enhancement program which includes various types of assessments like Academics, Leadership, Research programs, Creative activities, etc.

Well there was no easy way to do it altogether until GTUC opted for ACADEMIA ERP which gave a forehand to handle various disciplines along with the efficient management of administrative part. It has a set of core values on which it frames its working procedures. Which are Excellence, Student-Centered, Academic Freedom, Innovation are Integrity. GTUC moves around all these values and Academia ERP has helped effectively to retain it.

Academia provided a customized solution for Ghana Technology University College and help streamline various processes:

  • Automating admissions and enquiry process which helped save a lot of time & human resource.
  • Creating a better student information system.
  • Higher control over all the aspects - financial, database etc.
  • Effective accessibility over the information at any time and place.
  • Tracking and recoding data directly into the software, hence better retention and clarity.

GTUC recommends Academia ERP:

My name is Dr. Osei K. Darkwa, President of Ghana Technology University College. We have been associated with Serosoft for past five years we have been using their product. This is their test management system Webguru and their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) which manages almost all our university operations. We find this product to be very useful and it assists us in admission processes, human resource management, Hostel management. Our HR uses it for leave management online. Property unit uses it, Inventory management is also done by it and other processes as well. As the admission processes are automated, it is much easier for students to access the record, so far, our students are very positive and we hope to strengthen our relationship. We are looking forward for using the new and enhanced version of the software and I recommend it all the institutions who are looking for ERP system for automation.  

We extend best regards and wishes for the future.

“Technology has to be either invented or adopted.”

Invention is not for everybody, so then one must choose adoption.

Since more than a decade, technology is making lives easier with each passing day. Technology advances show people a more efficient way to do things, and these processes get results.

Every industry has grown many folds with technological advancements and ERP- Enterprise Resource Planning has been a Hot potato since then. Because it brings effectiveness in the efficiency of day to day working and penetrates in cost cutting too. Accommodating it into an organization is sure not an easy job at the start but eventually it results in entrepreneurial efficiency in its operations.

ERPs has been in trend for mostly all the industries but specifically in the education sector it’s been more emphatic. ERP in education is in a nascent stage when we talk of Indian market, but more and more universities, schools and training institutes are picking up ERP’s, this rise is evident due to the downward arrows in effectiveness, quality, efficiency and data recording. Therefore, ERP have helped the organizations with reduced lead-time, improved quality, reduced asset turns, higher productivity and improved decision-making. The focus of education management software dominantly falls on the centralized control and efficient database management to allow better control over information, data and reports needed for authoritative control.

The educational institutes should prioritize on the development and retaining of quality in delivering right education which might only be possible when educationists focus on education and not peripheral services. The divergent part of any university, college, school or a training institute has always been the management and administration part which can be taken care by ERPs with innumerable facilities (modules) provided in these types of management software like student information, fee collection, scholarship management, inquiry management through timely reverts, transportation (bus with GPRS facility), accounting and documents generation (like mark sheets, vouchers, bills etc.) etc..

Considering the Future, this is the right time to invest in ERP solutions for harvesting the maximum returns. Once the software is incorporated in the management it delivers a smooth functioning in the organization. The integrated enterprise technology can connect and improve business performance by optimal resource utilization. Optimality plays a key role in strategy formation for cost savings and ERP has been one of the best solution with optimization as a key deliverable as it emphasizes on procurement of less human resources for data handling and efficiency plus accurate reporting.

Academia ERP is one of the best Campus Management software present in the world. It’s a product which has scalability written in its core and thus it has this unique functionality to support multi-organization definition. Also, it can be customized and made permissible in accordance to the various functions it adheres.

Academia gives you access to different portals viz, Parents portal, Students portal, Faculty portal which allows and acts as a medium of smooth communication between Student-Faculty, faculty-parent, Parent-management, Faculty – Management, etc. This also allows for various stakeholders of the organization to view and raise requests which in turn can act as internal quality control measurements. It also helps to simply automate process which infers speed in the regular operations resulting in benefits which involves time saving, cut on employee costs, strict monitoring and better control.

Academia ERP enables an institution to deliver the education which is promised and cutting the worries of administration till edge. A right type of ERP will help manage the overall processes that may involve the management of resources which are limitedly available with the institutes. The simple idea is smooth automation for accurate results.

The growth that any organization seeks is one that brings real benefits to the people, raises quality & efficiency of organizational processes.

Make the right decision by choosing the perfect fit management software for your institution.

In this modern age where everything has been boomed up too much, so is the education. Today, everyone wants to aim for higher education and seek to be a part of the biggest educational centre. This has increased the number of education gainers to an incredibly bigger number. There are millions of education centres across the globe. Educationalists not only hold a single institution but there are various chain of institutions which impart excellent education. Hence, managing the institutions has become a tough row to hoe than before giving rise to the need of ERP in this sector.

ERP has become the first choice of the modern educational institutes due to many reasons. They want campus management software which can help them to focus more on education and taking away all the other administration and student related tasks from them. Today, with increasing number of students, subjects, educational accessories and teachers, it becomes next to impossible for education centres to manually handle them efficiently. Thus, it becomes necessarily important for institutions to incorporate ERP system which can adequately take care of these task.

Also, the present age generation focuses on the automation. They need everything done digitally, and so is the education. Parents today, look for an educational institute which is fully automated. They believe in imparting education to their wards through smart classes. They want a system where they can deposit the fees online, check for the result online, contact the teachers online and even keep a watch on their child online. In short, they require a system which can be handled with ease. So, in order to attract the parents and be the part of the race, educational centres must possess ERP system.

ERP systems have various benefits over tradition management systems:

1. Increases efficiency through:

  • Faster information flow
  • Responsive decision making
  • Reduced errors
  • Minimal duplication of work

2. Improved Quality of Interaction among Stakeholders:

  • Student-Teacher
  • Student-Institute
  • Intra Institute-Teacher Administrators
  • Institute-Parents

3. Substantial Savings Leading to High ROI:

  • Manpower
  • Time

Looking at the above benefits, we can clearly indicate that ERP systems are surely the present day need. They not only increase the efficiency of the institution but also provides a clear relationship between the students, parents and the institution. And not only this, automated system has become the brand building material for educational institutes. So, be ahead of the competition and implement India's best ERP system, Academia in your institute now.

Academia is India's No.1 Campus Management Software from Serosoft which enables comprehensive, innovative and integrated process automation of core processes and functions of an educational enterprise.


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