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Digitization in Education Tag

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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected educational systems worldwide, causing almost complete closures of schools, universities, and colleges. Most governments have closed the education institutions to stem the spread of the coronavirus as educational institutions are among the most socially active

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If you are an educator or decision-maker of a college, it’s your dream to have a sorted and well-organized structure for administrative management along with its growth. It is not only necessary for an efficient outcome, but it is also

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Providing excellent education and delivering quality in academic management have become major goals for the education sector. There are no compromises in respect of quality, efficiency, and productivity. This doesn’t hide the fact that the quality and credibility of an institute

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Education in India is changing, student and teacher interaction is not the way it used to be. The transformation from blackboard to the digital board is prevalent and it is growing rapidly. The resource of information is not limited to