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Cloud technology has become the need for most of the organization. Whether it is a small, medium or large, they all need a system that can give them a single platform to process all the operations within the institution. Not

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When it comes to the examination season, it is a scary time not only for students but also for teachers, staff members, and School/College/ University. Examinations processes require very seamless functioning, and it is dependent on exam admins, staff, teachers

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Technology has entered every institution and no organization remained untouched from it. It has entered the education sector as well. One such technology is school management software, which is simplifying the day to day tasks in schools and making teachers’

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School management software is a web-based solution to streamline administrative processes and manage the school database. Schools use this software to record, control and manage student details, employee records, school information and much more. With proper management, time efficiency and error-free