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When it comes to the examination season, it is a scary time not only for students but also for teachers, staff members, and School/College/ University. Examinations processes require very seamless functioning, and it is dependent on exam admins, staff, teachers

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Student Information System is an ecological system which helps the institutes to get rid of distributed data. This all is in single software which includes initial documentation from inquiry management, student registration, till students get passed out of the college

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WCAS was founded by H.E. Dr. Omar Bin Abdul Muniem Al Zawawi in 2001 with an aim to promote high international quality education in Oman that prepares students for modern, high quality jobs. WCAS functions in academic partnership with Birla

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Academia is serving a multitude of universities. KL university is one of renowned university of Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh and it strongly focuses on academics and undertaking societal responsibility very well. The campus is spread in quite a wide

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It’s often a topic of discussion on what amount should a University invest for acquiring a University Management ERP Solution. It is usually a herculean task among the members of the finance and IT team of Universities in process of