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Why it is Important to Have an Effective Student Attendance Management System

Attendance is one of the most important elements of administrative processes in educational institutions. A proper attendance system not only brings for the success for students but also for the institute. It is evident that poor attendance affects the quality of education and deter the students’ performance. Improper tracking of employee attendance also causes a problem in the quality of education. Parents expect to have a decent attendance management system that can keep them updated with their child’s academic performance.

An automated attendance management system that brings efficiency in classroom management, improves student performance and enhances the trust of parents towards the institute management.

Here are the reasons why it is important to have an effective student attendance management system

Proper Tracking of Students

With the use of a student management system such as education ERP, you automate the attendance system by integrating biometric or RFID systems. It assists in keeping track of students’ time in the classroom that ultimately helps teachers to evaluate student performances in a much better way.

Enhanced Student Performance

With an automated classroom attendance management system, students and their parents get the real-time notification via SMS or Email if a student is absent. This only increases parents’ involvement in their child’s academic activities but it also motivates students to maintain discipline attendance records in the class. By this, it maximizes students’ engagement rate in the class thus improves their performances.

Do you know Academia ERP can boost student performance by up to 20% with a smart attendance management system?

Time-saving for Teachers

An effective attendance management system not only benefits students but it also saves the teacher’s time in the daily attendance marking process. With a student information system and its attendance system, teachers don’t have to maintain manual student attendance. With biometric and RFID, it is recorded automated. If an institute doesn’t use the above-mentioned systems, teachers can mark attendance on their mobile/ tablet via ‘Teacher’s Portal’ which is less time taking and better than manual processes.

This saves a significant amount of time which they can use in focusing on students, creating better teaching methods and help in the development of the institute.

Detailed Attendance Reports

With Academia ERP, you get detailed attendance reports with multiple categories such as; student-wise, class-wise, subject-wise, class-wise, or whatever is your requirement. It gives you data-driven reports with visual aids such as colorful bar-graphs, charts and provides you more informed statistics to evaluate academic records.


A sound attendance management system is the expectation of parents and it is the need for educational institutions to bring efficient and effective administrative management. Hence it is important for institutes to implement it and bring improved institute management.

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