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High Scalability

What is high scalability in Academia?

Scalability in Academia ERP (SIS/SMS/TMS) is the capability of the software to handle increasing amount of work and its ability to accommodate growth. Scalability is a crucial quality in ERP software that manages the growth of your institution by streamlining operational performance and maximizing productivity.

Academia offers scalability features to handle the mounting volume of data and the requirements of added users. It is a robust solution that meets with the expectations of growing institutions.

Why is it important for you?

It will help you focus on the growth of your institute, not the challenges associated with it. The scalability offered by Academia SIS makes sure that you can manage the increasing number of students, teachers, and courses without worry.

Diverse Reporting

What is diverse reporting in Academia?

Diverse reporting in Academia ERP(SIS/SMS/TMS) offers dashboards for educators and all the other users which helps them churn out information faster from the existing data. It also provides visual aids with graphical representation such as pie charts and bar graphs with consolidated data.

Diverse reporting makes it easy to find details of students according to the year, their academic performances, sports activities, and other events. It also optimizes time and resources, and ensures that the reports are seamless and easily accessible to educators.

Why is diverse reporting important for you?

It will assist you to make more informed and data-driven decisions in a faster & hassle-free way. You don’t have to waste time anymore going through stacks of files for little details. It helps you gain powerful insights into student data smoothly and smartly.

Superior Flexibility

What is superior flexibility in Academia?

Academia ERP(SIS/SMS/TMS) offers customization and configuration through which it can be modified according to the needs of your institute. With customization, you can give a personal touch to the terminology making it easier to decipher. This allows even a non-technical person to conveniently access the software without relying on anyone else.

With configuration features, you can add extra functionalities as per the institute’s needs.

Why is superior flexibility important for you?

The growth of your institute is inevitable, and the future of the education sector is going to be technology-driven. The superior flexibility of Academia makes your institute technologically advanced, future-ready & self-reliant.

Academia Student Information System offers comprehensive and detailed campus management solutions that improve institutional productivity, workflow efficiency and boost high ROI by streamlining administrative processes with automation. Our management information system is highly configurable, scalable that aids institutional growth. We provide data analytics with detailed reports for every department your institute needs. Universities, colleges, or schools; Academia Education ERP fulfills every unique requirement.


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