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Training Management System

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Academia TMS - Training Management System

Academia Training Management System is a unique solution designed specifically for Training institutes and Coaching centers. This solution was developed considering very unique requirements of training institutes e.g. efficient CRM, highly configurable operations, scalable system as demand is variable throughout the year, effective customer support system to handle different needs of trainees, trainers and staff.

Solution handles complete operations pertaining to CRM, Academics, Fees & Payments, Customer Support, Study Material Distribution and Online Assignment Management etc.

Academia ERP Efficient Work-Process

Efficient Work-Process

Automation & Streamlining of the functions bring efficient work process flow

Better Control with Academia ERP over institutional processes

Resource Optimization

Proficient usage of resources and standardization leads to resource optimization

High ROI with Academia ERP

High ROI

Efficient processes and enhanced productivity leads to high Return on Investment quickly

Quick decision making through Academia ERP

Quick decision making

Smooth information flow and accessibility to data /reports enable quick decision making

Academia TMS Features

Training Center Setup

Define Training Center's basic setup, reporting structure etc.

Setup Address, currency, language etc

Campaign Management

Manage various campaigns

Analyze performance of campaigns using dashboard and reports

Enquiries Management

Manage database of prospects and enquiries

Manage follow up efficiently for the enquiries

Analyze of enquiries through dashboard and report

Registration Management

Manage complete registration cycle.

Manage registration form sale.

Analyze registration on various parameters using dashboard and reports.

Trainee Information System

Maintain detailed trainee profile.

Generate trainee ID card and barcode.

Aggregate trainees information from all other modules.

Fees Management

Create of multiple fee plans creation of different type of Admission, Program, Exam, Different services etc

Enroll student in single/multiple fee plan

Generate fee submission and receipt

Generate fee related reports for Collection, Outstanding, Bills, Refunds etc

Program Management

Create and manage programs and batches

Define the credits, hours and sections for the courses

Map programs with sessions and courses

Course Management

Define lesson plan for the courses

Map faculties to different courses

Assign trainer to faculties

Setting up Examinations & Tests

Time Table Management

Create multiple templates, master time table process

Exam Scheduling

Represent graphically reports of timetable for Students, Faculty, Rooms resources

Extend time table for attendance marking system

Attendance Management

Integration with time table to generate session (periods) details for attendance

Course section wise trainee’s attendance marking

Integrate with biometric based trainee class attendance solution (optional)

Class Roster, Attendance reports, Email/SMS alerts

Evaluation & Test Management

Pre Examination activities

Exam Scheduling

Setting up Examinations & Tests

Rules for evaluation

Exam component etc

Examination day activities

Invigilators Management

Exam attendance etc

Post Examination Activities

Marks Entry

Grade Management

Mark sheet Creation etc

Assignment Management

Manage Assignment for the students (Individual Assignment & Group Assignment)

Integration with Accounting Software

Integration with any standard Accounting engine like Tally, Quickbooks etc

Completion Management

Manage Completion of program (Normal Completion, Student Termination)

Messaging engine for Notifications, SMS and Email

Send automated and Ad hoc messages ex. SMS, Email and System Generated Notifications

Calendar Management

Manage calendar for student & Teacher

Transport Management

Manage transport (Bus, Routes, Bus-Routes, Student Mapping, Transport Fee)

Resource Booking Management

Manage resource for daily activities and events

System Admin

Manage different Roles and User

Certificates & Document Management

Create certificate using template generator

Manage assignment for the students (Individual Assignment & Group Assignment)

Employee Record Management

Manage complete Employee Record & leaves

Scholarship Management

Manage different scholarships being offered

Tightly integrated with fee module

Dashboard & Reports

Dashboard & Reports for all the modules with analytical capabilities

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