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Services & Support

Our implementation and support services are designed in such a way that customer expectations can be met on time and within the allocated budget. Our goal-oriented pre-implementation processes viz. system study, gap analysis enable smooth implementation, faster integration & stabilization of Academia ERP to the existing process.


Implementation Process

Project Planning

Sales handover and introduction meeting

Kick-Off Meeting – Team introductions, broad timelines, and next steps

Set objectives, identify action items and set primary ownership

Draft blueprint for project execution

Identify grey area and formulate risk mitigation

Configuration Analysis

Understand the organization’s current process & practices

Review Academia ERP capabilities with stakeholders

Design processes standardization

Map existing Standard Operating Procedure with Academia processes

Identify GAPs in SOPs and document them


Data Extraction - Collect/Convert/Export Data

Data Migration – Import data into Academia

Configure /Customize features as per gaps and project scope

Create features as per gaps and project scope

Create & Deploy Academia instance with client data

Training, Go-Live & Post Go-Live

Organizational change management

User Training/Train-the-Trainer/Hand holding for all stakeholders

Perform user acceptance testing


Post Go-Live support & Maintenance


Our training program offers a number of options to help Academia users to understand it in a very clear way, and be confident and comfortable with their role while using the ERP. Our training methods are available in various formats like on-site training, online training through video tutorials, User Manuals, etc. We also encourage our clients to discuss their specific requirements in order to create a customized training program for them.

Traditional Classroom Training - End-user / Train-the-trainer approach (Onsite)

Online Training - Screen sharing via Zoom or Hangout Meet (Remote)

User Manuals, video tutorials for self-training

Customized training program as per client's requirement

Customer Success

Our resourceful, vibrant, and flexible customer success team makes it easier for our customers to get any information they need, and resolve any issues/concerns expeditiously. We offer a 3-fold advantage to our customers:

Quick Response: Speed is our hallmark and we ensure that any queries are resolved quickly to our customer’s satisfaction
On Time Follow Through: We ensure our customers have all the information from our end on time, & as per agreed SLA’s
Easy Accessibility: Our state of the art support system makes it very convenient for a customer to reach them anytime.

You can reach us for support via:

JIRA Support Request
(Use JIRA or helpdesk icon)


Our high-end education technology consulting service helps educational institutions to understand their technology requirement and realize institutional goals. There are many instances where an institution does not know the exact effectiveness of implementing a particular technology into its system. In such cases, our experts can demonstrate the entire vision of using technology to drive their operations and in turn organizational objectives.

We help educational leaders and administrators discover answers to the following:

Why is educational technology required for their system

What are the advantages of technologies in terms of cost savings and RoI

How technology can improve their process and performance

How can technology helps them in setting and meeting their strategic goals

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