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College Management System / Software

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Academia College Management System / Software

Academia College Management System is a cloud-based software that helps in managing the entire administrative and management processes within a higher educational institution. It is a digital, automated and data-driven solution to manage the complete student life-cycle from admission to graduation.

Academia College ERP has 20+ modules including student registration, pre-admission & admission processes, student management, faculty management, exam management, and fee & payment management. Academia ERP offers 360-degree automation covering all aspects of administrative processes while being student-centric.

Standardization with College ERP


Standardization of processes and quick access to information for faster decision-making.

Smart Configuration with College ERP Software

Smart Configuration

Multiple features to personalize the system based on high front-end configurability.

Interoperability with college management system


Several hi-tech integrations such as Moodle, KOHA and Biometric/RFID for smart management

College Data Security & Disaster Recovery Solution

Data Security

Data backup support and robust security at different levels to maintain the integrity of the information

Academia College ERP Features

Campus Setup

Set up college administrative processes and manages information

Create and manage several academic departments

Customizes/changes terminologies of modules, underlying features, and labels as per the demands of the Institute

Manage & maintain separate sets of keyword terminologies for different campuses

Configures and maps biometric device details for institute buildings, program rooms, labs, etc

Organization Setup-education-management system
Pre-admission/Admission Management

Create and manage admission applications

Provide online application form facility on the institute website

Manage application form sale and generates offer letter

Convert online inquiries to applications and applications to admissions

Keep records of student registration information

Create and manage various enquiry and application reports

Provide statistical reports for applications & admissions including target achieved, conversion percentage and YOY increase

Generate a detailed report on applicants at each stage with their status and ranks

Campaign Management-education-ERP
Academic Registration

Enroll students for the ongoing semester

Enroll faculty for their respective departments & courses for ongoing sessions

Map students according to specific programs and courses

Ensure that the constraints regarding credit hours, prerequisites etc are met

Admission Management-Institute-management-system-ERP
Program Management

Create and manage programs offered by different departments of the college

Define the credits, hours and sections for the programs

Set up limits for programs being offered within a semester

Map programs with respect to the sessions, i.e. programs offered within a session

Map programs with respect to courses, i.e programs offered within a course

Define student advisors and program coordinators

Define the period name and underlying terms according to the specific duration, reporting cycle and program intake of an academic year

Program Management-college management system
Course Management

Create and manage various courses that are run in the college

List the courses and students associated along with enrollment date and course faculty

Plan lessons to be taught and assign duration for a specific chapter/unit

Provide a master setup facility to create semesters for different courses

Manage academic year and session processes

Allocate take-home assignments to students

Course Management-college management system-erp
Attendance Record Management

Generate session details for attendance via integration with time-table

Mark section-wise attendance of the students

Attendance based exam detention by integrating attendance management with examination module

Generate attendance reports including program wise and faculty wise attendance

Attendenece Mangement-school erp software
Student Management

Maintain student profiles including personal, qualification, experience and 100+ fields

Use the facility of student snapshot to view their details referring to program, fees, exams, and attendance on a single link

Generate student ID cards and barcodes

Provide reporting tools to generate detailed student reports using various search criteria

System Admin-student management system-erp
Fees Management

Create multiple fee plans used across the college

Create student fee plan at the time of course enrollment

Manage refunds and cheque bounce issues along with duplicate receipt issues

Provide sponsored invoicing & student Invoicing

Provide facility to manage fee discounts under three type i.e. fixed, ad hoc, and percentage based discounts

Provide discount calculation for stage selection

Generate payable bills for the discount provided against each receivable bill including installment billing

Settle the payable bills with the respective fee heads such as admission fee, hostel fee, transport fee, etc

Provide facility of finance hold that prevents access to subject enrolments, exam results, etc. incase of outstanding fees

Generate reports on statements of account for each student, sponsor, and applicant for all transactions within a specific time range

Provide reports including outstanding and collection report

Provide security rights for adding, modifying, deleting and exporting

Fee Management-college management system-erp
File Management

Provide functions to add files in the system and send them to the authority for verification & approval

Map files with multiple locations within an organization

Provide a function to set file priority and the due date for approval

Claim file owner during file upload

Provide a function to send file acknowledgment notification post the approval of the authority

File Management-school erp
Committee Management

Manage Committees:

Create a committee within an organization that can be mapped for multiple academy locations

Add committee coordinator at the time of committee creation

Set the validity period and status of a committee

Map members from multiple academy locations to their committees

Notify committee members via email & SMS to send circulars & updates

Manage Events:

Maintain events and meeting calendars for the committee.

Manage Minutes of Meeting:

Note meeting minutes which can be sent to committee members

Segregate meeting minutes into info, decision, agenda, idea, and task.

Track assigned tasks that employees can update from the employee portal

Generate meeting minute reports for multiple academy locations with various permutations & combinations

Committee Management-student management software
Certificates & Document Management

Provide a facility by which student/faculty/employee can request certificates that he/she wants to get issued

Keep records of documents submitted at the time of admission such as domicile certificate, birth certificate, mark sheets, entrance exam certificates, etc

Generate documents using document generator and print the certificates/documents directly on a predefined format

Certificate & Document-student management system-academia-erp
Human Resource Management

Manage employee records

Manage employee leaves approval according to employee group level definition i.e. sequential, parallel and auto-approval

Define leave types and eligibility rules for leave application of employees

Provide push notification facility through SMS, email and internal notification for leave approvals

Provide visualization of employee leaves and attendance through the dashboard for.

Provide visualization of employee leaves and attendance through the dashboard for.

Generate attendance reports of employees

Generate time-sheet for in-time and out-time of employees

Integrate with a third-party system for payroll processing (e.g. Saral PayPack)

Front Desk Management-online school erp software
Examinations & Mark sheet Management

Prepare and manage pre-examinations processes

Manage exam notifications to send to student/parent/faculty portals

Manage exam programs and student registration

Manage student detention on the basis of fee/attendance record

Generate hall ticket and designs exam schedule

Manage exam day processes including student exam attendance

Evaluate and manages different marking heads i.e. mid-term, viva and final semester

Record student performance remarks and marks

Manage the marking schemes including grade, percentage, GPA and CGPA

Prepare results, transcripts and generates reports for result analysis

Record marks obtained in the transferred college under exchange programs

Provide overall reports for exam and marksheet management

Generate reports on the basis of student average and the course average for performance analysis of students and courses

Examinations - Mark sheet Management-college software
Infirmary Management

Record student/faculty/other employee visits to the doctor

Allow user to keep an eye on the list of Medicines that are consumed by various students

Maintain check-up logs for student/faculty/other employees

Dashboard & Reports-education erp consultant
Time Table Management

Generate session (period) details for attendance via time-table integration

Mark attendance of students, program and section-wise

Provide functionality for attendance based exam detention with the integration of attendance management and examination module

Provide attendance reports including program wise attendance for faculty and students

Time table Management-by academia erp
Security Gate Management

Create pre-scheduled appointments with the concerned authorities of the organization

Book an appointment within dedicated time slots

Manage visitor categories (parents/guardians) along with their personal details

Store records of vehicle number of the visitors

Provide unique ID to visitors at the time of the visit

Security Management-college automation system
Front Desk Management

Manage inward and outward shipments in office

Manage sender and receiver information

Maintain records of numbers of shipment packets and docket number along with shipping carrier company

Upload relevant documents including bill receipt and insurance document

Keep records of insurance details such as insured by, policy number and insurance amount if Item is insured at the time of shipment

Maintain bill details with respective bill no. & bill amount

Assignment Management-online college management software
Library Management ( Through API integration with KOHA)

Manage books/periodicals/journals/CD-DVD and other media records

Manage available books and issued books records with RFID/barcode integration

Generate library cards for students, faculties and books

Issue/receive library items to and from students/faculties

Integration with Accounting Software-school administration software
Hostel Management

Maintain details about hostels in the college including information related to the total number of floors, rooms, room type, bed numbers, warden details, etc

Manage bed reservations

Store and retrieves student information for availing hostel facilities

Link hostel management with fees management module for seamless integration of hostel and mess fees

Link hostel module with the inventory module to track the items hostel-wise, floor-wise or room-wise

Generate hostel occupancy and other related reports

Manage hostel attendance

Provide facility of biometric attendance in hostels for real-time and error-free attendance records

Provide a feature of hostel announcements for students, guests, and faculties

Employee Record Management-higher education erp
Transport Management

Create and manage vehicle Information

Manage route information

Manage students & bus stop information

Provide transport fee facility

Keep records of driver details for each vehicle running on various service routes

Generate reports on above

Transport Management-for college-university-erp
Scholarship Management

Set up job designation, job type, salary, etc. in placement master

Set up placement types i.e. internship, permanent etc

Create companies in the system

Manage placement drives

Manage job posting

Allow students to apply for jobs

Scholarship Management-school erp demo

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