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Student Information System (SIS)

A centralized database to support key processes and operations in an education institute.

The future of Education ERP is here. Say ‘Hello!’ to Academia SIS

SIS is a centralized data repository that ensures improved student information management and supports internal and external operations by making real-time information available.

Personalizes communication

In-built communication toolkit to ensure seamless communication with students & parents through various modes.

Ensures real-time tracking

Compiles data in real-time to provide data on a variety of operations happening in the institute for improved working and decisioning.

Improves data accessibility

Gives role-based access to information across academic and non-academic staff for improved decisioning.

Enhances security

Stores information on a cloud platform that is end-to-end encrypted and follows international security protocols.

Academia SIS Modules


Campaigns & Enquiries





Security Gate



Front Desk


Resource Booking

Certificates & Document


Scholarship & Sponsorship







Messaging &


Academia SIS – An exclusive solution for growing education institutions


DIY the education ERP app suite by configuring and reconfiguring the elements of the software to meet your changing needs without requiring any structural changes in the software.


A set of pre-built, easily configurable reports for student performance analysis, financial analysis, attendance management, student success, resource planning, and more.

Dedicated Web Portals and Mobile Apps

Enhanced user experience for all stakeholders in the ecosystem with dedicated web portals and mobile apps for students, teachers, administrators, parents, and applicants.


A unified experience across the digital network of the apps and software used in your institute. The product is easily integrated with leading solutions and serves as a centralized data repository to support other products and organization processes.


For an institute or a chain of institutes, the product is a perfect solution for managing innumerable academies spread geographically to provide a singular dashboard to manage them all efficiently.

Case Study

CECOS College, London

Learn How
Digital Transformation of CECOS College London, UK led to improved
overall efficiency and student experience.


“Our staff is pleased with how well-designed and supportive Academia SIS is.”


Director of Communication, CECOS College, London

FAQ’s – Student Information System

What is the Student Information System (SIS)?

A Student Information System (SIS) is a cloud-based student administration or management system that helps educational institutions to record, store and manage student data. It enables Universities, Colleges, or Schools to provide a seamless student experience by empowering them with automation capabilities such as registering students in course offerings, documenting grades, attendance, transcripts, co-curricular activities information, projects, assignments, assessments, and other records.

Modern Student Information Systems like Academia SIS offer much more capabilities integrating students, parents, teachers, and the institute administration while keeping the student records secure and error-free by providing role-based login access. It helps educational institutions to manage student data throughout their life-cycle right from registration to enrollment information,evaluations, student services, fees & finance details such as tuition fee, hostel fee, scholarship information, etc. i.e., 360° academic and administrative management creating a seamless student experience.

What are the benefits of using the Student Information System?

A student information system is all that you need in your institution for systematic academics and administrative operations. There are various advantages of using SIS, some of them are:

    • Systematic admission process
    • Updated student information
    • Academic and administrative advising
    • Efficient workforce management
    • Error-free data management
    • Effortless communication

Academia SIS provides you with a systematic, robust, and flexible student management system that can help your institution manage all the operations properly, driving a great student experience and ensuring success for the institution.

Why is Student Information System Software important for educational institutions?

It is the prerogative of educational institutions to provide a dynamic environment for students to thrive and achieve their goals in life. This can be achieved by carefully understanding the learning curve of each student, Student information systems with integrated analytical capabilities like AI-powered dashboards can play a central role. Also, today’s students seek modern learning methods – providing them with faster means of communication at every level of education right from admissions, enrollments, attendance, grades, fee payments, lectures, submission of assignments, etc. The modern Academia SIS supports all these capabilities.

How to choose the best Student Information System (SIS)?

Various important things need to be considered while choosing a Student Information System. Based on Gartner research, a modern SIS should have the following capabilities:

    • Business Intelligence – Dashboards, data, analytics, and reporting.
    • Integration – Moving data and/or a function from one application to another.
    • Security – Access, permissions, privacy, and compliance.
    • Configuration – Rule engine options driven by business process functionality.
    • Extensibility – Extending application capabilities without major code / architectural changes.

Learn how Academia SIS fulfills all the functionalities of a modern Student Information System.

Why invest in the Academia Student Information System?

Being an award-winning Student Information System, Academia SIS is the best choice for educational institutions when it comes to Return on Investment (ROI). It provides a separate portal and mobile application for all the stakeholders to track, access, manage, and efficiently organize any task. Along this, you will get: 

  • Complete Automation of Academic and Administrative Operations
  • Personalized Experience for Students/Stakeholders
  • Substantial Reduction in Cost
  • Quick and Data-based Decision Making
  • Implementation of Strategies Based on Challenges

Need to discuss this further? We are happy to assist you with the demo.

Why is it high time to replace your legacy SIS with Academia SIS?

With the EdTech revolution, every second institution depends on a core Student Information System (SIS). But with rapidly evolving technologies, institutions must switch from their legacy system to a modern SIS. 

Reasons to choose a new-age SIS over legacy SIS:

  • High and Quick Integration Capabilities with Modern Apps/Software vs Low Integration Options
  • Modern and Friendly User Experience (UX) vs Outdated UX
  • High Security and Smooth Data Management vs Complex Relational Databases
  • Highly Scalable with Cloud Option vs Low or No Scalability
  • Frequent Updates with Quick Vendor Support vs No Updates and Support from Vendor
  • Endless Capabilities and Customizations vs Limited Capabilities and Customizations

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