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Program & Course Management Solution

Academia ERP’s Program & Course Management Solution provides a streamlined approach to digitizing all your classroom and course-related tasks effortlessly. From setting up a Credit-based Choice System, enrolling students, and tracking attendance to analyzing performance and managing assignments, we’ve covered everything.

Program & Course Management

Course Management

  • Configure courses of any type and length
  • Manage courses digitally and increase operational flexibility
  • Manage credit-based choice system and outcome-based education

Program Management

  • Register in preferable programs digitally
  • Link various courses with relevant programs
  • Monitor registrations & payments
  • Filter students as per program criteria/eligibility

Resources Management

  • View the availability of teachers, substitutes, and resources
  • Ensure seamless management of programs and courses
  • Manage academic and non-academic activities


  • Detailed charts and reports with drilled-down features
  • Program/Course enrollment trends
  • Option to filter as per campus, batch, etc.

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