5 Benefits of School ERP Software in Examination Management

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Examination time is not only scary for students but also for all teachers and other staff members. It requires a lot of arrangements from room allocations, staff allocations, examination centers, assessment schemes to exam execution and exam results.

With limited staff capacity, the process of conducting examinations can become more cumbersome if student numbers are high.

The examination process usually consists of three stages: Pre-Examination Stage, Execution Stage, and Post Examination Stage. Schools need to have a set of planning and a proper strategy to execute examinations successfully, on time, and declare results so that the next session can start on time.

An education technology such as School Management System is designed to manage complete administrative processes within the school campus. It can take care of all three tiers of examination with one platform.

But first, let’s understand a little bit about this educational technology.

What is School ERP?

School ERP is an enterprise solution for school management. It comes in the cloud-based and on-premises software application. In cloud-based solutions schools can save and access all the information on the web and use it anywhere, anytime with any device with the internet.

This software solution manages the complete student life cycle from admission to the last year of schools including examinations. It automates and streamlines all academic and non-academic information. You not only save time in every single process but also you can save operational cost and thereby can increase return on investment in the long run.

School Administration Management Through Automation

School Examination Software can help you to manage examination in the following ways:

Pre-Examination Stage

1. Assistance in Pre-Examination Setting

Pre-examination involves arrangements of examination center, designing grading schemes, assessment schemes, staff allocations, room allocation, and student allocation. This software helps you to manage every detail with a few clicks. You can enter the information as per your requirement.

No need to arrange different papers and planning for the arrangement. And the best part is you can always access anytime you want. Also, you can give access to other staff members to make any changes if one staff member is not available. In this way, you’ll be able to save time and all the pre-examination processes will be arranged on time.

Exam Execution Stageclassroom-exam-management-system-software-ERP-Academia-school-student-information-system

2. Streamlined Exam Execution

This is the most important part of the examination. No matter how better is your planning there is always some glitch is ready to knock you down. But with School Examination Software you can avoid this. This software can assist you in managing detention, exam attendance, and whatnot. You can also assign remarks to students individually with this. Managing marks entry and course grade is also easy and quicker by the software.

3. Customized Grading System

School ERP for examination provides you the sophistication of a customized grading system. Suppose parents of your students demand both grades-based and marks-based evaluation results. After the setup (according to you marking the range of your school) you can easily convert marks to grades and grades to marks.

Teachers can also manage the assessment status, whether it is pending or completed. Anyone who has access to the school examination system can check the same to check the status of result processing.

Some advanced School Exam Management System also provides the Relative Marking feature as per the requirement of schools. This feature allows you to make marks moderation due to any reason to generate a justified and relevant result for your students and your school.

Post- Examination Stage

4. Well informed evaluation and better result distribution

With all the features provided above, it is obvious that the evaluations and results of the examination will be error-free. If in any case any student asks for re-evaluation and you have to recalculate the result, this can also be done with the Recalculation Feature of the school examination software.

Moreover, no more paper mark sheet and printing cost for the result announcement. You can easily distribute the result to every student’s portal. He/She will be able to check his/her marks and remarks by teachers for every single subject on a real-time basis.

5. Varied and customized report for records

An examination doesn’t end with results. Schools need to maintain records for pre-examination reports, Assessment reports, credit-based reports, and examination reports. They also have to keep a record of exam papers for future reference for teachers and students.

School Management System helps you to manage all these reports with complete details. All these reports will be on the web server but you can always download these reports individually or in bulk smoothly.

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Bottom line

When exams end successfully with flawless results and records, it makes happy not only students but also teachers. The ERP helps schools to run all the above processes smoothly, effectively, and in a time-bound manner.

An examination is one of the many complex processes of school administration. Schools or any level of education institution need technology aid to run the process in an effective way so that teachers and other members can focus their time and energy on delivering quality education and generating a great future for the nation.

There are many things a School ERP can ease your way towards managing your school. Want to learn more? Give a try to free demonstration from our School ERP experts.

You just need to fill our demo request form to get a free demo of school examination software.

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