Top 10 issues around school management and how to solve them easily with ERP

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We all are aware of the fact that technology is here to stay and transform. But when it comes to answering how specific it is in solving the challenges unique to you and your institute, you may find yourself wondering. 

Answering the same questions for you, here is how education ERP solutions such as Academia ERP solve some of the biggest challenges of a school. For any further information, do feel free to connect with our technology experts. We are sure you would love what you see in the live demo. 

Common challenges in School Management:

  • Paper-bound processes

Let’s just say, that you are trusting your employees to care for every single paper that is running across various departments and save it for further reference – you have too much faith in people and you are bound to see some serious mismanagement. 

The world is moving at the speed of light, people are loving digital operations. Needless to say, your employees need to access the information fast, speed up every single operation and maintain pristine records of everything that is happening in your school. And this would happen when you have a digital system in place. A software that would automate repetitive processes, and track every piece of information for you in seconds. 

  • Student/parent experience

The negative experiences of students and parents may be bad for your school’s reputation. Students and parents do not love to stand in a queue for hours for meager things such as getting a form or paying their fees, or asking for some information. 

You can simplify all this with an education ERP that would send out forms to their mobile or web apps, and provide seamless communication through SMS or push notifications on their devices. Reminder emails and notifications would eliminate the need for a person to roam from classroom to classroom to inform people about the ongoing activities in a school. 

  • Admissions and Enrollment 

It would not surprise you if we say, you are losing out on a large volume of applications each year just because you don’t have a system to manage the enquiries. In a competitive environment such as now, you should not give any chance to your competitors to thrive on your shortcomings. 

With an efficient education ERP you can fill these small gaps in your processes and ensure applicants are getting the right information and have all the aid they require throughout the admission process. Admissions and enrollment process thus can be digitalized through education ERP and shoot up your admission rates by several folds. 

  • Course Management

Designing a course curriculum is an every-year activity and a process that is time-consuming and labor-intensive. With the course management system, you can accomplish this task much easier and in a very short period of time. Also, regulations around curriculum and knowledge resources have become very strict. The regulatory bodies want to ensure students have access to quality education. 

Hence, course management activities such as creating a curriculum, and managing resources, assignments, and examinations should be in line with these policies and regulations. An education ERP would offer you the ease to support the goal of graduating students having near-zero instances of shortcomings in course management. 

  • Teacher Evaluation

Not only is it important to evaluate student performance but teachers too should regularly be evaluated based on student performance and success. Since generating reports on performance for a big number of teachers in your institute is difficult, go for an education ERP. The software comes with a number of reports that gives you granular reports on every teacher’s performance.

  • Communication and Collaboration

Not many institutes pay much attention to this challenge but this is maybe one nail that is stopping you to attain a top speed in your operations. Lack of communication between various departments, and lack of communication between students-teachers / student-teachers-parents can result in operational gaps. Seamless flow of information in real-time thus increases collaboration between departments and ensures higher experience for your all stakeholders. 

  • Classroom management strategy

Schools are not only responsible for academic education but they are responsible for building a good character in a person. Infusing qualities such as punctuality, honesty, discipline, and more are the primary goals for schools. Hence, a classroom management strategy that ensures close monitoring of students’ behavior and participation in the classroom is important. With an education ERP, you can get a robust discipline tracking and behavior management system for making this process more effective and streamlined. 

  • Student Monitoring

Teachers are struggling to monitor student activities, this includes attendance, leave, discipline, assignments and so much more. School administrators build students’ results based on these reports. The more effective the monitoring system is the more closely it would analyze a student based on these aspects and hence, provide a more clear report on a student. 

Automating and streamlining student attendance, assignment collection, and behavior management would give administrators a real-time status of any student’s activity and allows them to build performance improvement strategies. Since education ERP software offers you all these tools, it is very practical to have one for your institute. 

  • Revenue Management

Tracking every transaction in your institute with a paper-bound system is not going to ensure the best revenue management. The robust education ERP system allows you to get real-time updates on every transaction and offers online payments securely. This means, you now have a hawkeye over every monetary transaction happening in your organization on implementing education ERP. 

  • Forecasting the academic achievements

Statistics and data have transformed the world. It gives you the ability to peek into the future and change its course with effective strategies in the present. A predictive analytics tool is one of the biggest benefits you get from implementing education ERP. 

A product such as Academia SIS/ ERP comes with an AI-based data analytics toolset that provides predictive analytics on the academic performance of the students. Hence, you can know the outcome of a student’s performance before it has appeared in an exam and work on their weaknesses to alter the results. This gives you one added benefit and a sharper edge in the market to guarantee top-notch academic results. 


Education ERP for Schools aims are automating all your processes while acting as a centralized database to support all the departments and their operations. Features such as real-time information access, remote access, remote functionality, predictive analytics, reporting, and resource management allow you to streamline processes and ensure faster operations. 

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