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Hosting Options

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Cloud Hosting


In this model, Academia will be hosted on our cloud servers and access to the application is available through an active internet connection. This model is gaining popularity among Institutions because in this case the server maintenance, server upkeep, security etc. will be taken care by Serosoft and they do not have to worry about the same.


Cloud hosting offers a significant cost savings to an organization by eliminating on-premise hardware and hardware management.

There is much greater ease in scaling infrastructure to meet increased or decreased business needs .

There are many layers of security available for protecting application access and data storage, making the cloud hosting solution a very safe one.

On Premise Hosting

Client institutions might also opt for on-premise hosting. In this hosting method, the hardware like servers etc. will have to be purchased and managed by the institution itself. Academia as well as its components will be hosted on the local server. This method requires the Institution to manage the resources and ensure that the servers are maintained and are up during all the times. Other key aspects such as data security and backup are also handled by the Institution​ ​ itself.


On-premise enterprise resource planning software keeps your business data close to the Institution.

In some cases, shared infrastructure can be used to host Academia which can prove to be cost-effective.