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Press Release: Business World 40 under 40

CEO & MD Serosoft (Academia ERP) Receives Business World 40 Under 40 Award

Mr. Arpit Badjatya, CEO & MD, Serosoft receives Business World 40 Under 40 Award in the education category.

It is an honor for the team Serosoft and a big affirmation on the part of being under the able leadership of Mr. Arpit Badjatya. The award is a mark of recognition and acknowledgment of the excellence that Serosoft brings in the lifecycle of schools, colleges, and training institutes with its flagship product Academia Education ERP. 

On the occasion, Mr. Arpit Badjatya recollects the efforts and hardship that team Serosoft underwent to conquer the apex of education technology. He applauded the enthusiasm of the team and shows determination while renewing his strong commitment toward the ultimate goal of the organization – transforming the landscape of the education industry with quality-driven, people-centric technology solutions

Here is a video of the award ceremony:

On being asked about the changes he would like to spearhead, Mr. Badjatya showcased his futuristic approach:

Meanwhile, technologies such as cloud computing, AI, ML, and AR were actively used by various industries to meet their modern-day challenges, the education industry is just getting acquainted with these technologies.
Although digitalization was a focus of many education organizations, it was never a priority. It was only after Covid-19 that digitalization in the education industry shot up.
Now that the scenario has changed, and education organizations are actively looking forward to exploring the length and breadth of the new technology innovations, Serosoft would leave no stone unturned in meeting these new market demands.
We have already begun accommodating the needs of the institutes concerning process automation, predictive analysis, deeper use of AI and ML for improved decisions, and more.


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