5 Mistakes Institutions Are Doing While Choosing Education ERP

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When it comes to choosing an Education ERP solution for an institution, decision-makers and administration do multiple mistakes. It is assumed that educators are the decision-maker when selecting an EdTech for an institute, but it’s not like that. Upper management, administration, and educators all are responsible to make a decision for any advancement in their institution.

As they are representative of the institute they are supposed to make effective decisions and set an example for their followers. But it is not always the case. After analyzing various decision-makers of institutes, we realize that there are various mistakes they are making while selecting an Education Technology Solution (Software).

Below are the five such mistakes institutions are making which should be taken care of:

Ignoring the needs of the institution

There are different pain areas for different institutions. Some institutions are able to manage their fee and bill payments some are not. Some institutes provide transportation services for students and employees some do not. There are various kinds of needs for institutions and according to them, there are many EdTech solutions available in the market.

Due to competition and ignorance toward the needs of their institution, they get distracted by multiple options of technology in the market. It is the responsibility of administration and decision-makers to consult with teachers, and discuss with students about the actual need of the institution so that they can avoid waste of time and money on implementing the wrong technology.

Adopting an EdTech that they don’t comprehendInstitutions mistakes when choosing education erp software

The main purpose of implementing an EdTech in schools of higher education institutions is to increase overall efficiency in the management processes. This can be achieved if users understand what they are using.

Many times decision-makers in institutes end up buying technology that they don’t understand completely and the whole purpose of using the solution goes haywire.

Therefore, it is important for institutions they make sure that teachers, students, and other staff members understand what technology they are going to use before buying it.

Not having a proper strategy for technology usage

Technology implementation should be done with a proper plan. Users should know what could be done with the technology in hand. It is the responsibility of the administration department to make a technological model and share it with every other employee, what function is acceptable and what is not. To make the most of technology, it is important to have a strategy for technology usage.

Not preparing educators and other staff

This is the most common mistake that institutions are making while choosing EdTech solutions for their institute. Educators, students, and other management staff are the important user of any technology update in an institute. In spite of that institutes usually, ignore this fact and pre-assume that they will be able to use any technology easily. It is very important to prepare and train educators and other members before making any technological changes within an institution.

Not getting proper training

Education ERP solution providers usually offer implementation and product training. They also provide customer support later on for any query. It is the utmost priority of an institute to have thorough training on the product after the purchase and before implementation.

Without comprehensive training, there will be no output of the product. The administration department of institutes should have a team member from all other departments for the training so that the technology can be used easily and efficiently.

Bottom Line

When choosing an Education ERP for schools or higher education, it is crucial to do a proper analysis of technology, available choices, research of the market, and the status of the institution.

It is obvious to get distracted by the multiple options available and the hype of competition. The main objective should always be kept in mind that you are choosing an EdTech solution to make academic processes streamline, fast and cost-effective not complex and confusing.

Do you know the implementation of an Education ERP can help you to save up to 50% on the operating cost of your institution?

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