How Education Is Being Impacted In The Era Of Automation?

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It is not hidden that automation is spreading multidimensionally. We are living on the cusp of automation; robots, artificial intelligence, machine learning, bionic hands, etc are not new. Of course, any advancement or new features still makes us wonder about the capability of science but we are very much aware of its existence in our world.

Why automation?

This era requires a more advanced, efficient, and skilled processing system all around. There is no place for lazy, unproductive work quality no matter what kind of work you are involved with. Business, retail, education, customer service, banking sector, cleaning, etc. everything is running towards advancement.

Time management, productivity, and efficiency have become key principles in the workforce. All these elements for better functionality are being accomplished by technological advancement i.e. Automation.

Being a part of an education domain, my concern moves toward the education sector.

What is automation in education?

NO, I am not talking about a bionic or robotic teacher to deal with students. It will take a few more years to reach there. I am talking about automation in the processing system, in management which is already here.

A study in the US higher education system by a professor at California University found that administrators grew from 3800 to 12,183 between 1974 and 2008 i.e. 221% increase while faculty grew by just 10%. You can have an idea that a huge amount of money is being spent on operational management.

The main goal of the education sector is to attract and educate more students more efficiently yet much of the spending and focus is being given to the administration department.

In this time of automation, there are technologies that ready to streamline and manage administrative tasks effectively. In spite of spending extra money, institutions can arm their staff with these technologies for efficient, productive, smooth academic processes. This would liberate resources for the activities that will directly affect the main objectives – Student and Educators.

Impact of Automation On Education

There are many levels in which automation can impact education altogether. Institutes that are updated with technology such as Education ERP, reshaping the productivity of administrative processes, increasing connectivity between students and teachers, improving the working efficiency of educators and being more creative.

On Teachers

An Education ERP such as Student Management System helps teachers to manage their work in a more integrated and aligned way. This EdTech comes with potential features: record attendance in real-time with the flexibility of time, assignment allotment, grading, and scheduling time table or session diary. These features save a lot of time that free teachers to focus on delivering knowledge which is their main purpose.

On Student

Students in the current time spectrum are more tech-savvy and they are eager to learn more and more. Students are affected most by automation. They get feedback, remark from their educators on a real-time basis, avail all the documents in one platform, upload documents without standing in a long line. With the implementation of automation, they are able to develop a better and meaningful relationship with their educators as both are saving time from tedious academic work.

On Academic Administrative Processes

If you were ever a part of an education system whether in school, higher education, or training institute, you must have a rough idea of how an education institution runs – With tonnes of academic processes. Academic administrative processes perform many back-office tasks like; keeping attendance and document records of each student from each year, maintaining new admission, resolving inquiries, managing bills, payments, payroll of employees and so on. It is the responsibility of the admin department to run things smoothly and effectively. Automation is helping to achieve the overall goal of this department. Everything can be controlled and managed with potential Education ERP software. Automation helping staff members to be more creative and innovative which will help the education institute in the long run.

On Concluding Note

Automation is making the workforce productive in various industries but there is a lot to cover in the Education Industry. As it is one of the most important areas of our social cycle, it needs to be updated with the current EdTech and ready for future possibilities. Many institutions are already availing benefits from automation. It is the responsibility of the government, influencers, decision-makers of the education industry to take a step towards empowering the education system with automation. Moreover, it is the responsibility of us to make it fully functional.

Are you ready to take responsibility to empower the education management system?

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