Why User Experience Matters in ERP Selection

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User Experience or Customer Experience is essential in today’s age and world. Many organization is optimizing their user experience to meet customer expectations. Failing to optimize the user experience can harm your business and you may not be able to achieve expected results.

Education management system i.e. Educational ERP’s plays an important role in the overall process beginning from admissions, the inquiry goes via examination, transport, hostel to completion and alumni, etc. These functions are the core functions of an educational institution and therefore these require everyday updating and hence it is important for an education ERP to be user-friendly.

But the campus/college management system many times attract a bad reputation for not being particularly user-friendly. Densely packed interfaces, disturbing workflows, and the need for users to navigate endless screens to complete transactions result in confusion and frustration. Improving user engagement is key.

To ensure high user engagement it is important to have a deep understanding of user’s behavior, similarly, for enterprise applications, it’s also necessary to have an insight into their roles in their professional setting and the ease of use that the system can provide to them on a daily basis. Enterprise applications can also look to provide its users with a fresh, clutter-free User Interface which breaks away from the mundane settings and allows the user to interact with the system in an intuitive way.

The rapidly changing industry demands that stress is laid on end-to-end customer experience. This is important because the end-to-end experience covers all aspects such as how easy it is to learn the product, perform on the product, and also how the vendor responds to any customer issues and problems. All these factors matter a lot in the enterprise IT business as the usage of the product is constant and thus the support needs to be spot on as well. With new dimensions and new technologies kicking in the industry, user experience and purchase patterns have really changed and matured over time. The advent and use of cloud technology prove to be sizeable leverage for customers in technology purchasing decisions.

How to build better customer experience capabilities

  • What your customer feels: Know about the customer’s feelings if they are delighted or frustrated with the product or maybe the services provided. You will have to stand strong against your competitors in the industry and keep addressing any or all of the issues that are reported by your customers. Improving the end-user experience should always be thought of at first while decision making.
  • Find the right way out: As suggested that during the decision making the customers and their experience should be thought of first, therefore you should always fall in line with the alignment of the critical issues that are reported and competitive situations. You will have to continuously work upon it to bring in cent percent results.
  • Create a plan of action: Design a super awesome customer experience system by creating a closed feedback loop of current customers. The continuous effort of improving the end-to-end system and fixing all the issues will create customer loyalty and lower down the rate of losing customers which will ultimately result in overall benefits.
  • Change the mindset: Instill a business culture and create systems based on customer experience. Most companies in the IT industry follow a trend of promising a good user experience that is never backed up by an actual one, these will find it difficult to improvise. But the market is all set to roll now and these types of companies will not be able to cope up in the long run without perusing change.
  • Be patient: Recognize that it’s a long journey. Commit to bringing your customer experience in line with your promises.

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