Higher Education Recruitment Trends to Boost Enrollment

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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought new challenges to the education sector. The most important among all was for recruitment and admissions in higher education, universities, and schools. Institutions that have adopted digital technologies focusing on digitization and digital transformation found ways to manage consistent education delivery. In what ways have you opted to manage higher education recruitment and boost enrollment in your institution in the new normal?

Let’s discuss 5 higher education recruitment trends to boost enrollment this year:

  • Understand the current enrollment model – virtual enrollment 

After the pandemic, things have changed, especially for admissions to higher education. Most of the institutions have continued virtual recruitment and enrollment. The right technology that includes cloud services can help institutions speed up the enrollment and admission process easily and effectively. It is far easier, convenient, and efficient than the traditional and manual processes of admission. 

To increase the admission rate, institutions must choose technologies that can strategically process and manage high volumes of information and create an easy path for recruitment managers to reach and attain prospective students in an organized way. 

  • Role of digitization and automation in admissions 

The modern world of education needs modern elements for managing admissions and enrollment. Digitization and automation in admissions can make it easier, flexible, convenient, and cost-saving. 

Automating all the tasks and operations like changing paper forms into online enquiry forms, virtual interviews into in-person visits, and late responses on enquiries to a quick update on the mobile application can lead to a tremendous boost in student enrollment and admissions. Technologies like Student Information System, Enterprise Resource Planning, and some others can help in bringing automation, digitization, and even complete digital transformation to the institution. 

  • Enhancing ways to encourage students 

The advanced generation of students demands modern ways for any operations. They are mostly available on social media platforms. It is best for educational institutions to promote and target students on different social media platforms. There are ways through which institutions can grab the attention of students who are seeking a good institution. Using social media platforms is effective and helpful in an enormous way. 

  • Encourage completing tasks using a mobile application 

Mobile applications are the most used thing in today’s time. Educational institutions must opt for a technology that can make all the operations related to admissions and enrollment on a mobile application. Institutes can choose an ERP/SIS that provides a robust mobile application to manage the complete admission process. It can help institutions in boosting enrollment and admissions. It also encourages students to complete all the tasks like effectively submitting information and completing other tasks. 

  • Reduce response time 

Again, modern educational institutions must attain the technology and methods that students demand. Education leaders in today’s time need to understand that it is beneficial to reduce response time in every process of higher education recruitment. An effective student information system provides a complete portal to manage all the operations right from enquiry to complete admission management of a student. It also helps education leaders to pursue automated responses whenever needed in the best way. This also helps in creating emotional contact and trust among students. 

Bottom line 

In what ways have you changed your admission strategy after the pandemic? 

Do you want to be the next institution to have an expected boost in enrollment and admissions?  We have the best solution for you, just let us know your interest and we will help you out in the best possible way. 

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