How To Choose The Right Training Management System For Your Institute

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Training institutes in the past decade have been noticed to be evolving with a greater pace. These institutes have also become more streamlined along with time. Management of training institutions is also as important as school management or university management.

There are many advanced automation software packages that help in management of training institution from prospecting of student to completion along with record maintenance of employees, batches, students, etc. Processes such as enquiries, ad campaigns, applications, admin management etc. can also be managed with such type of software.

Academia ERP is one of the more evolved training management system that helps simplify and automate any training institute’s functions. It helps in streamlining various day to day functions which are too time consuming and clerical in nature, but with Academia these can be managed in an efficient manner. Software packages like Academia TMS are also capable to automate much of the tedious process, like report generation which helps in better decision making and affects overall productivity.

How to choose a right ERP solution for management of your Training Institute:

1. Know the requirements of your institution:

It is fore most important to know& understand the need of the institute which depends on the no. of students, no. of batches, fee structure, departments and other specifications if any required. This could help to sort the 1st level Training Management System (TMS) for your institution.

2. Selection Process:

Once your requirements are listed, according to that you can research the market and create list of TMS packages for your institute. There must be plenty software packages that may fit in the criteria.

3. Carefully sort the option and short list these accordingly:

From all the options available, it may not be necessary that all suit your requirement, features, reports and other needs. On the basis of aforesaid mentioned shortlist, the software and take them to further level. Once these are shortlisted it can be sent to the top management for better assessment.

4. Close evaluation by the top management:

Demonstrations of the shortlisted Training Management Software can be taken by the top-level management and further decisions can be taken based on multiple factors, for example the UI, the flow of the processes, interface and customization etc.

5. Undergo Review of the Software:

Once every other little detail has been identified and managed, the last thing to assess is the review of the software chosen. Get to know about the support, the teams offer to its past clients, the service and software ratings etc. if everything matches your expectation you can finally freeze your decision on the considered TMS.

6. Implementation:

The final step is to understand the process and timeline of the implementation process if it suits you or not.

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