Importance of Library Management System in Education Industry

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Libraries are an irreplaceable part of any institute. However, managing your libraries is not an easy task. Called the brains of any institute, the thousands of books in your school or college need technology-driven management. Why? Here is how the library management system helps your education organization. 

Why implement a Library management system

  • The ultimate solution for all

A library management system helps all the stakeholders in the organization. Be it librarian, faculty, student, or even the management – the high-end software allows you to view the books in the library, students that have issued them, and when it is due. Also, it allows you to identify missing books in the library and manage new stock.

  • Improved Transparency

An ERP solution integrated with a library management system allows you to ensure more transparency in the process. It doesn’t require librarians to bury their heads into the log book to map which book is taken by which faculty or student. It is an easy system where you get detailed information on every resource easily and that too in a few clicks. 

  • Accessibility 

Remote capabilities allow the admin or the librarian to access the application on their mobile phones. This gives them great flexibility to work remotely and allows them to access data and perform tasks anytime and from anywhere. Also, this increases their productivity by several folds. 

  • Analytics

Integrated analytics helps in easy report generation. Creating reports manually is not just time intensive but also prone to many human errors. This may cost the education organization to make wrong decisions while stocking up the library inventory. Accuracy with real-time updates is rendered through the high-end library management system.

  • Notification System 

Students coming and going to inquire about book availability is tiresome and they start to lose interest fast. With an easy notification system, you can send out notifications to the students that have raised inquiry tickets about the books in the library and inform them on mobile phones with in-app notifications, SMS, emails, etc., as per your preference and convenience. 

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How does Academia ERP help in efficient Library Management?

Academia ERP is a feature-rich solution for education organizations. In its wide variety of features and functionalities, it also offers you a feature-rich library management system that is highly customizable as per your institute’s requirements. Here are a few things that the Academia ERP library management system can do for you: 

  • Manage books/periodicals/journals/CD-DVD and other media records
  • Manage available books and issued books records with RFID/barcode integration
  • Generate library cards for students, faculties, and books
  • Issue/receive library items to and from students/faculties

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