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Modern Trends In Education-Academia ERP

Sustainable Development & Other Modern Trends In Education

In the developing world, there are many people who do not have access to basic amenities for leading a well-dignified life. Although it is said that liberalization and globalization are necessary for social development but people opposing them are often of the view that the benefits gained through these events are captured only by some while those belonging to the weak section are left out. Besides these, rapid development in different areas is taking a heavy toll on the environment with ruthless depletion of non-renewable resources.

One is ought to think that this type of development will not be sustained. Then the question arises, what is sustainable development? It is a type of development which optimizes the social and economic benefits on a continuous basis having an equitable base. Today the main problems faced by our major rivers are pollution and drying up. Also, the area under the forest cover in the world is reducing and the waste discharged into the environment is degrading it heavily. If these activities aren’t controlled then the earth will no longer sustain human life.

Development cannot be put aside nor the concern for the environment can be given a back seat. There is a need to balance these two and development that can be sustained needs to be achieved. Now the question arises, how can this be possible? As we know that social development is the undisputed goal of education and is also engineered through it, hence there is a need for education that can guarantee sustainable development.

Sustainable Development & Other Modern Trends In Education -ERP AcademiaAt this very point, one may ask about the possible model of education for sustainable development. Well, to answer this there is no such fixed model and every country has to work out its own model in accordance with its needs and contexts. With an aim to integrate the principles, values, and practices of sustainable development into all aspects of education and learning.

The education trend with respect to sustainable development primarily implies that education must reach the masses. Also, it should be relevant to the aspirations and needs of the people so that they can secure livelihood and improve their standard of life. Opportunities for lifelong education has to be provided for ever-lasting changes and this requires increased access to technology and development of digital literacy. Another important change which needs to be thought about is the attitudinal changes in children so that children respect nature and take care of it.


There are many upcoming trends in the field of education and it is difficult to enlist and discuss all of them. In the below section we shall discuss some of these emerging trends and acquire more information about them.

Lifelong Education: Education is a continuous and never-ending process in which most of the people irrespective of any profession or occupation are required to continue with their education through formal, non-formal and informal channels

To cope with the rapid expansion of the knowledge base one needs to learn. Even those not pursuing any occupation/profession need to pursue educational activities at any age and stage in their life. Though it differs on the need to need basis the basic philosophy revolves around an open attitude towards people and their educational needs

Open and Distance Learning (ODL): In the modern era, numerous opportunities in the field of education are opening up and reaching millions through this mode. It is today being recognized as a force for accelerating social and economic development. It is a modern phenomenon with a rapid growth rate. As per the Knowledge Commission in the field of higher education, about 50% of the learners are enrolled in this mode. This process is being facilitated by the changing information and communication technologies. In the near future, one may also see the convergence of the conventional and distance mode of education as an emerging trend thereby reducing the boundaries between the two systems. On campus, learners may become off campus and vice versa resulting in students getting benefited from regular classroom teaching as well as learning at a distance mode

Integration Of ICT: Nowadays, the teacher is no longer the only source of information as technology is taking over as a surrogate teacher. With the advancement in the computer and web-based technologies, new technologies are used for teaching, learning and for educational administration such as the creation of data banks, maintenance of records, communicating with records, etc. ICT in today’s world is considered is important for enhancing the quality of education. This is because the communication system has undergone great changes leading to new demands of the workforce and learners

Inclusive Education: Children with special needs are often considered as liabilities who gets sympathy rather than dignity. At best their needs are taken care of by certain educational institutions that are especially meant for them. These institutions are very few thus resulting in a majority of these children being uneducated. Often the practice of sending young children with disabilities to special schools is criticized as children in schools that exclude those with special needs grow up with the feeling that special children are different and needs to be picked out and isolated from others. Hence, education from the beginning should be inclusive and later on may be offered in a special manner. Thus, the trend of inclusive education should include many children with disabilities in schools.