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In the realm of educational technology, Academia ERP stands out as a transformative solution, empowering institutions worldwide to streamline operations, enhance academic standards, and embrace digital transformation. Let’s delve into the firsthand experiences of educationists who have leveraged Academia ERP to drive success within their institutions.

De Montfort University Kazakhstan:

Sunil Ramapura, Lead IT Operations, extols Academia ERP’s diverse modules and multi-currency capabilities, highlighting its role in streamlining processes with seamless integration, which is essential for academic administration. Watch the video here.

SIS Group, Indonesia & Southeast Asia:

Andrew, Director of Operations, enthusiastically shares how Serosoft’s Academia ERP swiftly became the cornerstone of their educational strategy. With a keen focus on data-driven decision-making and unparalleled customer service, Serosoft’s solution has empowered SIS Group to streamline operations and elevate academic standards across the region. Watch the video here.

CECOS College, London:

Aakif Tanveer, Communication Director, shares why they turned to Academia by Serosoft and how it promptly fulfilled the college’s automation needs. Watch the video here.

Arch College of Design, Jaipur:

Archana Surana, Founder & Director, elucidates how digital transformation with Academia, its integration with Learning Management System, and other software proactively assists institute management. Watch the video here.

TSM, Madurai:

Academia ERP has facilitated the digital transformation of processes at TSM. The institute, satisfied with the support provided, has been utilizing Academia for the last four years. Watch the video here.

INIFD, Bhopal:

Punit Surekha, Director of INIFD, shares their experience of shifting all operations to Academia and expresses delight in using the ERP for managing admissions, examinations, fee management, and more. Watch the video here.

VJIM, Hyderabad:

VJIM Hyderabad lauds Academia for aiding in optional-based grade calculation through its robust grading system and other features like a timetable, which are backed by excellent services from Team Serosoft. Watch the video here.

Ghana Technology University, Ghana:

Dr. Asunka, Head of IT Support Services, reflects on his experience with Academia and its impact on improving overall efficiency at GTUC. Watch the video here.

Furthermore, the voices of students and parents echo the positive impact of Academia ERP:

INIFD, Indore:

Students at INIFD express their gratitude for Academia, which aids them in managing attendance, assignments, timetables, and more seamlessly.

Raisoni Group of Institutions, Nagpur:

A delighted student from the Raisoni Group of Institutions shares the benefits provided by Academia in managing data, attendance, and assignments more effortlessly.

VJIM, Hyderabad:

Students at VJIM, Hyderabad, share their experiences using the Academia ERP portal and mobile application, highlighting its convenience and efficiency.

IIHMR University, Rajasthan:

Academia ERP Solution’s dedicated student application receives praise for providing a digitalized experience to effectively manage academic and non-academic tasks.

Swasthya Kalyan College of Physiotherapy, Jaipur:

Both students and parents at Swasthya Kalyan College of Physiotherapy commend Academia Education ERP for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features.

Check out a complete Youtube playlist for students and parents videos.

These testimonies underscore Academia ERP’s pivotal role in revolutionizing educational administration and fostering success across diverse institutions and regions. As educators continue to embrace technological advancements, Academia remains steadfast in its commitment to driving excellence in education. Learn more with a live demo of Academia.

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