Intelligent School – Transforming Education System

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Smartphones, Smart TVs, Smartwatches and Intelligent schools: The demand for intelligent products is at a high level. People living in this “Intelligent” age can easily show how smart devices have dramatically improved their lives.

But is there anyone who can answer how efficient is an intelligent school system? Does an intelligent school influences the development of children? Or is it just another trick to score better than traditional schools?

Let us try and answer all your questions here so you can decide why it’s imperative to introduce smart classes in schools.

Let’s start with the million dollar question: What is an Intelligent School?

Intelligent school is a technology-based teaching-learning facility that prepares Multimedia tools such as movies, photos, audio, slides, etc. to make the learning process more effective. Unlike traditional schools, the curriculum and guidelines are not rigid, and teachers can use a variety of multimedia tools to improve their learning.

The definition of intelligent schools seems to be simple. However, the impact of introducing smart classes in schools should be considered. Most of today’s smart schools use advanced technologies to transfer the traditional school curriculum. In other words, these schools follow the traditional curriculum and only use new technologies to disseminate information. On the contrary, some educational institutions use intelligent education systems to change education processes completely and overcome the traditional education system.

Intelligent school goals – that makes a difference!

intelligent school-school-management-system Academia

Today’s goals determine the actions of tomorrow. That’s why the goals of Intelligent school are future-oriented and better aligned with the era of information and communication technology (ICT). Intelligent school system focus on the holistic development (physical, mental, emotional and psychological) of the students. It has been proven that there are no two identical persons. How can we achieve miraculous results if all students are treated equally? Intelligent schools are designed to recognize and enhance an individual’s ability to excel in the area of ​​their choice. One of the key objectives of intelligent school systems is to promote students’ participation. In doing so, students must overcome their fears as they learn to express their opinions that prepare them for the outside world.

Intelligent School Blocks

Student Management System

To become an intelligent school, the first step is a student management system. This system automates many of your institution’s processes and allows you to focus on teaching and sharing knowledge.


The intelligent classroom program in schools is designed for the complete development of students. It is uniquely designed to integrate the knowledge and skills necessary for balanced and inclusive development.


It gives freedom and flexibility to plan lessons unlike the traditional education system and combines learning strategies for a more effective transfer of knowledge.


Evaluation in an educational system is as important as the teaching-learning process. The rating in intelligent classes is continuous and integral. Accurate feedback is another important element of the evaluation in the ICT education system.

Teaching methods

Teaching methods in intelligent schools are student-centered. Teachers can use a variety of multimedia tools to develop student’s skills and talents. Teachers can even record their lessons and place them in a central network so students can consult them when needed.

After extensive discussions about Intelligent schools, it is easy to conclude that the intelligent school system is brilliant and should be introduced in schools to enable more effective student learning and development. It is true that creating intelligent schools in India is a challenge, but every step taken in this direction will make our education system and country stronger and superior!!!

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