Securing Academic Environments: The Role of SIS Training and Support

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Securing Academic Environments: The Role of SIS Training and Support

Creating a secure and welcoming environment within university campuses is essential for the well-being of both students and staff. Unfortunately, the sense of safety is often compromised, as per Gartner’s report in August 2023, the Education sector emerged as one of the top five most targeted domains for cyber-attacks. Given this scenario, prioritizing student protection and risk mitigation has become imperative, underscoring the heightened importance of campus security systems and software.


When selecting a Student Information System (SIS), careful consideration of essential features, ease of use, and overall functionality is crucial for the successful integration and operation within educational institutions. Among the pivotal features, the emphasis should be placed on software training and support, and here’s why.


The Significance of SIS Software Training and Support


The introduction of a new system or technology inevitably comes with a learning curve. After the SIS is prepared for testing and launch, having reliable support to address queries or troubleshoot issues becomes paramount.


A dependable technology partner stands by your side throughout the process. Opting for a company with an extensive online knowledge base and a responsive support desk ensures quick responses. Leading SIS providers go a step further by offering tailored on-site and online training for staff and other users.


Continuous access to support is integral to the success of a school implementing a new SIS. Without proper training, integrating a new system only adds to the frustrations and workload of staff, defeating the purpose of the upgrade.


Choose Academia ERP for Exceptional SIS Training and Support


No other SIS provider supports your school like Academia ERP, from platform design to training and ongoing maintenance.


Academia ERP ensures that your system is configured with your institutional data, business rules, and variables from migrated data, making the training more relevant and offering staff a chance to become familiar with the system. The training period spans two months, allowing staff members to experiment with new skills, seek clarification, and gradually adapt to the system at a comfortable pace.


For more information on how Academia ERP can provide unparalleled support to your education institutes, reach out to us today.

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