Student Information System & Its Benefits

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Education institutions these days have become too tedious and monotonous. Therefore, its high time that we work on it to make it effort-free that helps in the investment of the efforts in the right direction for higher productivity. Most of the institutes in today era have got ERP systems that help such institutes to streamline the processes. But the big concern is that how much these systems are efficient and effective for institutes.

If your system already has an SIS installed and has limited functionality and does only works on single campus or breaks down every now and then, then you would like to get it replaced, right!? Here are five good reasons that the time might be right to invest in a new student information system that may help you out in the right way that how an ERP can cut your processes short and make them effective.

1. Get more benefits for the money you invest for your ERP system

Choosing a high tech, cloud-based Student Information System means freeing your institute from outdated technology and processes and old proprietary equipment. Institutes with an online SIS can pay either for a SAAS model that is rent based or an annual subscription i.e. the one-time payment for their system, which is designed to interface with user devices like laptops, tablets, and mobile phones etc.

The benefits of these systems usually include an improved return on investments (ROIs) because of the higher opportunities to boost enrolment of students and simplified payment processes.

2. Better Functionality

An SIS that provides you huge no. of features at the lower price that may benefit the institutes in an influential way. But sometimes a lower price version or system of ERP may lack the key features that are required for management of institute data efficiently. An ideal online SIS system for mostly all the institutes should include a few useful features at a cost that won’t break the bank and at the same time will be responsive with an amazing support system for users. Ultimately, a system is only as good as the people behind the scenes who are maintaining and servicing it are- Academia is one such solution.

3. Higher security:

A new system brings along with it, secured processes and secured way to keep institute’s data. It allows access to the system according to the access permissions given to the user which can be the student, staff member, teachers, parents etc. This way no wrong usage of data can be done and all the confidential information can only be accessible to the right hands.

Another benefit to a cloud-based system can be that in case of loss of hardware, there is no loss of the data that is too important for an institute because all the information is saved on the cloud.

4. Support system:

Also, if institute has taken a new SIS system fora trial run and think you have it all calculated, an institute will never want tech support to be too far away. A cloud-based ERP system is often easier to troubleshoot than an onsite system.

Also, a cloud-based SIS lets tech support securely access your system off-site and see what one would see while walking you through the problem which could be another benefit for the institute.

Before finally investing in a new SIS, always consider the type of support the institute will need and make sure that it includes enough coverage. Some SIS support systems are limited by business hours or charge an additional cost for resolving technical issues whereas Academia does not!

5. An easy to go Payment Processing

A latest type of SIS can assist your institute financially in other ways besides increasing the admission levels. The right system with integrated payment processing will process with proper bank account debits and major credit cards with the lowest overhead.

Using an all-in-one system let parents keep track of tuition fees and pay for incidentals like books and uniforms in the same place they check their student’s grades and attendance.

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