Top Functionalities of ERP Modules for Educational Institutions

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions serve various functions utilizing different ERP modules to accomplish institutional goals. According to the nature of the business, modules for ERP solutions solve various departmental needs. Since we at Academia ERP provide ERP solutions for educational institutions, we will keep the scope of this blog post specific to education sector. We will discuss ERP modules for educational institutions.

An ERP for educational institutions comes with multitude of functions fundamental to the type of institution it is being used for, per se, University, a single Higher Education institute such as a college, School or Group of Schools. These solutions are also evolving with time as technology is advancing. If you are looking to implement a solution for your institute then we are listing major modules you should keep an eye for.

Major ERP modules for Educational Institutions are:

  • Campus Management
  • Admission Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Enquiries Management
  • Student Management
  • Fee and Billing Management
  • Subject Management
  • Class Management
  • Timetable Management
  • Examination Management
  • Certificate and Document Management
  • Control Panel
  • Business Analytics
  • Human Resource Management
  • Reporting

The above modules are major ones, a full-fledged Education ERP such as Academia ERP comes with 16 modules and is capable of handling the complete student life cycle management – right from admission to course completions till graduation for higher education. It is capable of managing all the departments in your institute with analytics and reporting for centralized monitoring for group of institutes.

Now, since you know about the available modules in education ERP, let’s also learn about the functionality of these modules.

Here are the top functionalities of Education ERP Modules:

  1. Streamlines Admission Process:

Admission process in educational institutions usually involves these steps: inquiry, form sale, form submission, application, document submission, shortlisting, examination, counselling and whatnot. When it comes to higher education institutions, such as college or university the admission process gets more complex. An education ERP solution helps institutions to integrate all the above processes in one module. It simplifies the process for institutes and life of academic staff.

  1. Trouble-free Program and Course Management:

Higher educational institutions run many programs and courses, simultaneously managing enrolments in these courses. Keeping a manual record of all the programs and courses with student enrolment records can become cumbersome. Using a system such as Academia College ERP software can help to easily manage different programs offered by your institute and enrol or remove pupils as per your requirements.

  1. Efficient Examination Management:

Conducting exams is a task in itself, there are many pre-examination and post-examination operations involved such as finalizing examination schedule, setting up exam centre, staff allocation, assessment scheme setup, exam execution, results declaration and distribution, and much more. The examination module in education ERP comes with a complete set of features to make examination process more efficient. Academia ERP also enables you to control the type of marking you want to use. It can also provide a relative grading system to improve the overall result of your institute.

  1. Easily Govern Institute Administration:

With ERP implementation in your institution, it becomes easy to control hostel, transportation, inventory and other administration activities involved. It provides you access to every minute details related to administrations activities and ancillary units fundamental to functioning of educational institutions such as hostels, transportation, inventory etc. For example, with hostel management module you insert the physical design of your hostel like no. rooms, floor, bed, etc. transportation module provides you real-time geo location information of your institute’s vehicles.

  1. Delight Faculties and Students:

With efficient management of student records, admissions, program and courses, examination, administration activities etc. Faculties or teaching staff save a lot of time to focus their time, energy and creativity on academic activities. With the adoption of new technology teachers become innovative with their teaching methods, students are more involved in class, thus, increasing productivity of the institute overall.

  1. Accurate Finance and Accounts Management:

The fee and bill payments module of education ERP lets you manage all the activities related to finance and accounting, such as, fee and bill payment, employee payrolls, scholarships, and sponsorship. This is gives you the power and control to manage the financial records from one centralized system. You can generate all kinds of associated reports such as receipts, bills, outstanding payments, account settlements, etc.


An ERP solution for educational institutions has many capabilities. The technology is the future of education management. We would encourage you to explore the technology in-depth and give it a try.

Do you think you can give it a try for your institute? A free demo can give you an in-depth understanding of the functionalities.

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