5 Reasons to go cashless in this academic season in your institution

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Collecting fees is one of the tedious yet crucial tasks for any educational institution. When performed manually, it involves a lot of time, effort, and workforce. Even after this, the process remains unmanaged. A long queue of students, huge data, and various files & documents make this process more confusing, error-filled, and chaotic. In this modern era, a fee management system can automate all this process cashless (online). 

Here are 4 reasons to go cashless this academic season in your institution:

  • Easier Mode of Payment 

Fee submission and collection are the most critical tasks in any educational entity. It needs to be effective in any terms. It is the right time for the institution to opt for technology or software that can make payment processing easier. Technologies like ERP/SIS provide a fee management system and complete online and cashless payment processing. It helps in making the complete process easier, systematic, and organized.

  • Accessible Record-Keeping 

With modernization, students and faculty members demand a quick response to any institutional operation. Gone are the days when you had to find any paper or document of a transaction from a room full of files and documents. Then time changed, and it became difficult to find and manage transactional data through multiple spreadsheets, documents, and tally devices. 

To this, it is a must that institutions opt for cashless transactions and automate complete processes using automation. It can not only help in managing the payment inward and outward techniques, but this also will help in the easy accessibility of data from a single software.

  • Remote Data Availability 

Students in today’s generation demand quick responses and easy-to-do things. By using cashless payments and transactions, institutions can provide remote data availability to students, faculty members, and higher authorities. A mobile application with all the features and functionalities to automate complete fees & payments can help in better ways. It can avail any stakeholder to connect and coordinate from anywhere and anytime. 

  • Convenience to Students/Parents

The new generation of students is happier going online for any operations. It provides them with more flexibility and ease of things. The online payment system in institutions allows parents to pay more securely and conveniently. A smartly chosen software or technology used for institutions even notify students and parents to pay fees before or on the due date. It also provides them with the on-time generation of the receipts and various benefits like this, it provides convenience to students and parents for fee submission and related tasks. 

  • Lower Risk

Cash payment in any business entity involves a lot of risks. In educational institutions, it involves a long chain of connections (inter-department and external department). After successful submission of the fee by the student, the accountant passes it to higher authorities involving 2-3 middlemen. This complete process brings various confusion, errors, chaos, and in some cases, loopholes.

To avoid this, modern educational institutions can adopt advanced tools like ERP/SIS, which also provides full automation to complete fee management operations, minimizing risks and creating transparency for complete transactions and processes. 

How Academia Fee Management System provides ease to educational institutions:

Why Use the Academia Fee Management System in Your Institution?

Fees & payments are considered the most essential tasks for any institution. The Academia fee & payment system provides all the related tasks like generating receipts, canceling the transaction, generating bills, creating receipts, and a lot more. 

It automates and streamlines all the processes of managing and filtering out department-wise data and generates impactful insights and reports that depict the exact count of fee collection from all the departments. 

Academia fee management system provides

  • Digital and remote account management
  • Effective management among internal and external departments 
  • Secure and transparent payments 

Benefits of Academia mobile application for fee management:

  • Enhanced interaction 
  • Effective administrative management 
  • 24/7 availability 
  • Instant updates 
  • Prior notifications to parents/students 


Cashless payments are the new needs of modern business entities. It is the right time for educational institutions to think and opt for a cashless mode of payments but with a strong base of managing operations. 

Let’s connect and discuss how a fee management system can strengthen administrative operations, accounting processes, staff management, and student ease & satisfaction in your institution. Request your demo now and one of the experts from our team will get back to you! 

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