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The UK is known for its world-class education system. Students from across the world choose the UK for further education. The education institutions here focus on students’ cognitive, social, and emotional development with all the technologies that support EdTech and the advancement of education.

Technology in the UK has reached a different level, most institutions have opted for increased automation and reduced manual interventions, which boosts the enhanced growth and student satisfaction.

Digital transformation is the new future of the education sector, it is a must that institutions should opt for digital transformation embracing the right technology like an ERP/SIS. 

How is the EdTech market growing rapidly?

The UK is considered one of the most growing countries in the world. Looking upon the education ecosystem, institutions are continuously adopting new technologies that can help in making a powerful impact on EdTech. 

According to an anonymous source, the UK’s education sector will reach £35 billion in education exports by 2030.

“There are approximately 1,000 EdTech businesses in the UK, with an exciting range of cutting-edge solutions, but it is a must that institutions should choose a technology that can help in overall growth.”

Education Technology.CO.UK

Another recent report by Robert Walters Group found that the UK attracts almost half of all EdTech investments coming into Europe. It accelerated even after the COVID-19 pandemic, as institutions here were at a continuous pace of adopting new learning experiences.

What is the role of ERP/SIS in the educational sector?

An ERP/SIS system is well advocated and demanded by educational institutions. It is playing a crucial role for institutions bringing automation and digital transformation. A robust SIS system can automate all the academic & administrative tasks in the institution. 

Being a conductive property, it can automate all the operations right from admission, fee, examination, library, hostel, and all other associated tasks. Using an SIS institution provides ample opportunities to streamline all the related activities, operations, and tasks. It provides real-time management leading to the development and overall achievement. 

Role of ERP/SIS for Educational Institutions:

  • Manages, stores, monitors, and provides real-time access to all the data & information of the institution. 
  • It provides integration with all the information systems across the institution making every operation aligned.
  • Using an SIS, institutions can improve and organize the portfolio & complete the lifecycle of faculty, students, and staff. 
  • It strengthens and streamlines internal and external communication and collaboration.
  • Boosts productivity and growth in all aspects. 

How does Academia ERP/SIS support the UK Business Sector?

Academia ERP/SIS provides comprehensive support to educational institutions across the globe. It follows global EdTech trends to encourage E-learning along with managing academic & administrative operations of the institutions. 

By adopting Academia ERP/SIS, educational institutions can get 3X benefits leading to growth, profitability, and productivity. Strengthening the education ecosystem, ultimately triggers the overall business sector in the country. 

Being one of the top EdTech companies in the UK, we strengthen educational institutions in the following aspects:

1. Emergence in the top educational institutions

Being a new-age learning solution, Academia ERP/SIS is serving in more than 20+ countries, 300+ institutions, and 700,000 learners across the world. With this, Academia has grabbed various awards and recognitions for providing seamless automation and digital transformation across the globe.

Being the right technological support for higher institutions can enhance and expand the learning, knowledge, and expertise of institutions along with bringing transparency, efficiency, and productivity. 

One of Our Happy Clients from UK 

CECOS College, London:

To download the complete case study, click here.

2. Contentment among stakeholders 

Effective communication in any educational institution is the most necessary element in evaluating success. Institutions must maintain a strong communication channel among all the stakeholders i.e., faculty members, admin, staff, students, and parents. 

Academia ERP/SIS provides an effective solution to bridge the gap between all the stakeholders, creating a chain among inter-departments or campuses. 

Using the Academia mobile application, faculty members, admin, students, and even parents can perform most of their tasks anywhere, anytime, along with keeping a connection with the desired stakeholders. It provides complete access to all the academic and administrative operations right from enquiry form filling, to admission, enrollment, fee submission, fee notification, fee auditing, assignment submission & checking, exam hall ticket generation, result declaration, and whatnot. 

Voice assistant and individual profiles according to the authority of each stakeholder make it exceptional and truly effective for anyone in the institution.

Multiple other features make Academia a true companion for stakeholders bringing a level of contentment.

Academia Mobile Screen Representation


Academia’s Complete Functionality for Stakeholders:



3. Boost in growth & profitability 

Being the first choice of educational institutions across the globe, we admire providing complete digital transformation to institutions managing and maintaining their overall academic and administrative tasks. Our motive involves not only providing effective operational growth but also productivity bringing high ROI. 

Ways Academia drives positive ROI for your institution:

  • Automates all the tasks & saves paper 
  • Removes manual intervention leading to time management 
  • Complete admission management saves processing costs and more 
  • Easy and transparent fee & payment processing removing errors and chaos
  • And a lot more…

How Academia is ahead of the competition?

Academia is on a mission to impact the lives of 2 million learners by 2030. For this, we strive to make digital transformation the core of educational institutions across the globe. To accomplish our goal, we have a dynamic team of erstwhile I-Bankers & US graduates. Our out-of-the-box and customized solutions are helping scores of institutions and corporations – globally – overcome their educational and learning challenges and to drive innovation. 

Being ahead of the normal ERP/SIS vendor curve, we have various awards & recognitions. Academia recently got recognized by Gartner in the Market Guide for Higher Education Student Information Systems in 2022. We got this recognition for the 4th time in a row. This recognition motivates us more to be the best being the center of digital transformation for institutions.

Along with this, our other recognitions include, Financial Times Rank Serosoft among 500 High-Growth Companies in Asia-Pacific in 2020 & 2021, Serosoft ranked as the Growth Champion in India by The Economic Times in 2020 & 2021, Deloitte Fast 50 Award 2018 & 2019, and a lot more. 

What’s Next?

As discussed above, the UK is the center of education for various students from all over the world. It is a must that institutions here automate their operations by choosing digital transformation.

Academia can be the best solution for you, request your demo now to know more features, benefits, and functionalities of Academia ERP/SIS for your institution. 


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