6 Major Challenges faced by Educational Institutions and how Academia ERP can help

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There are thousands of operations that govern the management of your institute on an everyday basis. Needless to say, they all happen at the same time, and at times you would wish you had at least 10 heads to keep a track of everything that is happening around in your institute. 

Meanwhile, your metamorphosis is an impossible thing, let’s focus on transforming the way your institute functions. Yes, we are talking about digital transformation. 

Digital transformation is highly demanded in the education sector. The education industry around the world is undergoing some major challenges, and there is no other option but to go digital and take on these challenges. 

Here are 6 major challenges that are faced by education institutes, and how Academia Education ERP / Student Information Management System can help:

  • Automate Student Registration & Admission Process

Admission phase is one of the most mismanaged aspects of any education institute that is doing it manually. Let’s be practical, you are asking a bunch of people from your staff to manage thousands of enquiries and applications, and that too in a short time. 

The dull and repetitive procedure thus can easily to automated with Academia ERP. The product comes with pre-admission and admission execution features to make enquiry management easy for your institute and handhold every applicant to become a student in your institute. Not only, the product optimizes the process but also provides you with data analytics with predictive qualities to ensure you are choosing the right applicants that would be well fit in your culture and curriculum. 

  • Curriculum Management

It is an every-year activity and can take days. You are well aware of the hassles of designing the right curriculum. And if you have tens of courses and programs running in your institute, you can say goodbye to a whole month of your life. 

With Academia ERP, you can manage your curriculum better and allow easy structuring of the course components. For every subject, every chapter, lesson, and resource material you would be surprised how easy your life would become after you implement Academia ERP. 

  • Productive Classroom Management 

Lesson planning, student attendance, student engagement, student performance management and analysis, and so many other things. Just percolating knowledge is not the end of your responsibilities. 

Having said this, you need a well-designed product that fits well in your academic structure to perform all these tasks. You need to free up your teachers to focus on the primary goal of providing quality education and focus on their performance improvement and leave the other ad-hoc tasks to the software. Guess what is the solution for this – Academia ERP. 

  • Better parent-teacher association

If you wait for months to interact with the parents of your students you need an ERP solution right away. The world is moving towards omnichannel communication and people expect to stay in touch with these digital communication tools on the go. 

Also, parents are demanding a larger share in their ward’s academic life. You need a solution such as Academia ERP to keep in touch with the parents of the students and provide them detailed reports on a regular basis about their ward’s participation in academic and non-academic activities. 

  • Hassle-free finance management 

Keeping track of fee payments, sending payment reminders to students and parents, payment collection, updating records, managing & sharing the receipts with the payer, and resending frequent reminders to the students that have not paid are some of the most tiresome duties for your administrative staff. Also, consolidating data to prepare financial reports and tax operations may become a hassle. 

For streamlining all the finance-related activities you get a fee and finance module in the Academia ERP software that automates the task and tracks each transaction to keep a record for digital management of receipts – eliminating mismanagement completely. Also, the software sends system-generated reminders through various modes of communication. The system has in-built financial reports that allow you to consolidate data easily and generate reports faster for compliance activities. 

  • Resource Management

Resource management is the primary goal of any ERP solution. For an admin to keep track of all the resources such as inventory, hostel, mess, library, and more it becomes time-consuming. Also, the process is prone to delays and errors. To eliminate even the slightest tracking mistakes you can opt for Academia ERP. It is one of the best tools that come with a full-fledged resource management toolkit and allows easy tracking of various types of resources. 

Wrapping Up

Aside from dealing with the major challenges mentioned in the blog, the Academia ERP software assists you in the better management of your institute. It has multi-center capabilities and is a perfect enterprise-level solution for the chain of institutes as well. The product is built to streamline some of the most complex operations in an institute like — admissions, examinations, attendance management, student data management, student lifecycle management, student performance management, and more. To learn more about these features, request a live demo today

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