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Academia ERP by Serosoft Solutions is a unified ERP package to automate educational campuses. It helps automate and manage the entire campus operations, administration and learning needs in a very effective way. It ensures better interaction between students, teachers, parents & institute management. It also helps the top management to make effective managerial decisions leading to better management of resources available in the institute.
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6 Major Challenges faced by Educational Institutions and how Academia ERP can help

In today’s era of burgeoning competition in the education sector, managing educational institutions and synchronizing the departments are challenging tasks. According to a recent IBEF report India has about 41,901 colleges and 993 universities with an enrollment rate of 25.8% in higher education. The government is planning to make it 30% by 2020. In the e-learning data, India has become the 2nd largest market after the US with around 9.5 million users.

All the above numbers are going to increase in the coming future but is higher education management ready to beat the challenges?

Even though the education sector is growing, institutions are facing a number of challenges in various categories. In this article, we look at the major challenges in education management and how Academia ERP can help overcome them.

  • Campus management productivity

This is one of the biggest struggles for educators. To maintain endless records of students and other administrative activities manually is not just exhausting it’s also time-consuming. It impacts student performances if teachers engage in admin work (which is the case in almost every institute). For higher education, with hostels and other facilities to look at, it becomes even more difficult.

Campus management productivity highly depends on how well the departments are in sync, how much time they use to perform a specific task, how effectively teachers’ time is being used, etc. With Academia campus management software all the above productivity metrics are achievable.

It gives institutions a single platform to manage the entire campus and a 360-degree control to handle the complete student life cycle from admission to course completion.

  • Student Retention & Student Success6 Major Challenges faced by Educational Institutions in today's world

With plentiful educational institutions out there and cutting-edge competition, it is crucial to meet the expectation of students and maintain the institute’s reputation. This generation of millennials does not compromise on performance and only chooses the best for them.

To make an institute technologically advanced, educators usually end up having multiple software systems to manage administrative operations and to ensure student retention; which is not feasible in the long run.

With cutting-edge technology and multiple integrations, the Academia student management system gives the institute all the important software in one place and creates a smoother and faster information flow for teachers, staff, and students. This leads to a positive impact on student performance and the institute’s growth.

  • Institute & Student data security

In this age of digital revolution, there are multiple threats revolving around data. They are

      • Malware
      • Phishing
      • Obsolete/outdated technology
      • Unawareness towards the vulnerability of data loss

Higher education is more prone to these threats owing to important research papers, patents, etc. It is crucial for institutes to ensure the security and safety of all the data.

Academia ERP is a cloud-based solution that gives endless flexibility as compared to hardware configurations. The data is encrypted with high security which is only accessible with authentic login credentials. Not only that, with cloud hosting it manages backup service and offers disaster recovery options in case the servers fail due to any particular reasons.

  • Parent-Teachers-Student Communication

Even though today’s parents are full-time working professionals, they want to be involved in their child’s academic activities. It is also a common fact that students perform better if there is proper parent-teachers-student engagement and collaboration. But most parents don’t have time to visit school/college every now and then for updates.

Academia mobile app and parent/student/faculty portal make it easier for everyone to check their respective information as and when needed. Also with email/SMS notifications, parents get prompt updates about their children.

  • Cost-saving Management

Providing excellent education and delivering quality in academic management have become major goals in the education sector. This doesn’t hide the fact that the quality and credibility of an institute does not only depend upon its staff but also on finance/revenue. ROI (Return On Investment) remains an important factor to run any organization.

Academia ERP can help the institute manage it cost-effectively by minimizing stationary costs, paper costs, printing & mailing costs, hardware costs, etc. Investment in education ERP helps in high ROI not immediately but definitely. With timely decision-making, proper management, and complete automation, an institute can save time and money. This will result in increased ROI in the long run.

  • Teachers & Staff time management

The main objective of educators is to ensure institutional development and make teaching effective, productive, and result-oriented. But due to the tiring day-to-day tasks that are done manually, it takes away the enthusiasm and hardly leaves any time for creative thinking and innovation for teachers & staff.

Student information system automates all mundane academic tasks such as admission & enrollment management, program & course registration, timetable, attendance record, syllabus tracking, examination management, etc. Due to this, teachers and staff can save an ample amount of their valuable time and can focus on education.

Academia campus management system provides a complete solution for institutions. It is specifically designed for education management by keeping the requirements in check. It is integrated with all the major software to make academic management coherent and simple.

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