How can Power BI Dashboard help Higher Education?

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Almost all organizations generate a significant amount of data on a daily basis. To keep the record and create an effective mechanism for analysis is difficult if done manually. Power BI or Business Intelligence (BI) is a tool and a smart method that companies apply for representing data in a readable format. This approach simplifies analysis and improves the efficiency of the organization.

Educational institutions generally use the Power BI tool in a Student Information System. The tool is integrated into the system that is represented with a separate module for data analysis.

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Power BI plays a key role in institutional growth. With business intelligence tools, educators can easily check all the key criteria related to student performance, faculty, and institutional activities.

Raw data sorting can be a tiresome and hectic task. Business intelligence tools represent this data in a graphical format for easy and quick understanding. The administrator can compare the data with previous entities to check institutional & student growth. This data also helps them in the decision-making process.

Here is how Power BI dashboards help in higher education:

Data-driven Decisions

With the higher education dashboard, the administrator can easily track state-wise admission and fees collection, class-wise student strength, examination results, attendance, etc. This helps them in strategic planning to get better output from different departments thereby helps them to make more informed and data-driven decisions.

Simplified Understanding of Data with Data-Drilling feature

Power BI dashboards in higher education

This is a feature that helps educators locate very specific data. Suppose you need to find the data of fees paid by a student or the frequency of fee submission, without scrolling through the entire data of fee reports, you can easily get the targeted information with the drill-down functionality.

It allows complete information of a particular student which can include academic progress, invoices, medical history, and other information. In addition to the dashboard features such as filtering and sorting, it enables organizing data for better understanding.

Simplified Analytics for Administration staff

With the help of Power BI dashboard admin staff/ teachers do not have to spend time on the intricacies of data analysis. It transforms complex data from the departments into a simplified visual format so that anyone can comprehend it and make a judgment accordingly. Student performance, their results, marks, attendance, working days of college, fee records, etc. are easily understandable with the help of this tool.


Features of Power BI dashboards are indispensable tools not only for larger higher educational institutions such as universities or groups of institutes but also helpful for smaller colleges and education academies. 

BI dashboard can provide significant benefits to any institution that analyzes considerable amounts of data daily. Here are its key features:

  • Improves administrative management
  • Reduces paperwork thereby saving costs 
  • Decreases turnaround time leading to faster management
  • Improves analytics that helps in better student recruitment
  • Enables a better understanding of student behavior and academic progress

A well-designed system can give you a quick overview containing the major indicators. You can also use the drill down or search feature to get more detailed and specific information related to a particular student/class/course/year etc. According to the needs of a specific user, there can be dashboards providing different types of data.

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