6 Reasons Why School Should Use to Cloud Technology for Administrative Management

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Cloud technology has become the need for most of the organization. Whether it is a small, medium or large, they all need a system that can give them a single platform to process all the operations within the institution. Not only it benefits the employees but it also plays a significant advantage for all customers.

Education institutions are also growing at a high pace. This sector is expected to reach US$ 1.96 billion by 2021 with around 9.5 million users. This includes K12 and higher education. With this increment, institutions need to upgrade their system to manage the processes properly.

Higher education institutions are rapidly adopting the technology because of this millennial and generation Z and their expectation with the organization. Cloud is one of the technologies that is benefitting educators & learners around the world. Unlike higher education, schools are less inclined to shift their day to day processes into the cloud, and due to that, they are missing out on the key benefits of it.

Here are the reasons why schools should start shifting to cloud technology.

  • It brings collaboration6 Reasons Why Schools Should Use Cloud Technology

Schools have multiple departments that are handled by multiple people. Sometimes it becomes difficult to make the information flow without hurdles. With so many people involved, it increases the chance of error or miscommunication. However, with the help of Cloud-based software, this can be avoided. It provides collaboration as it centralizes the data in a single platform. Any authorized user can access the information whenever, wherever they want. For a school, the different users are parents, teachers, and students. With cloud-based ERP, a school can increase communication between parents and teachers. Parents across the globe can access their child’s academic records and progress from their mobile phones or laptops. Teachers will access the system regularly from school and occasionally from their homes. This became possible because of cloud technologies.

  • It gives a disaster recovery solution

If you are using the traditional method of administrative management in school, it is possible to lose data. Even if you are saving data in the computer or hard drive, data can be lost due to malware, hardware damage; which you can avoid if all the data is saved on the cloud. This is one of the key benefits of cloud-based school management software. The providers have the support system that can help institutes to recover data if they ever lose it. Therefore, you never have to worry about any documentation loss, ever.

  • It reduced capital expenditure

When schools think about shifting to cloud technology they usually get worried about the investment and high procurement costs. In contrary to that, the cloud is cheaper than they spend in IT & Hardware. Along with the licensing amount, to enable this technology you basically need high-speed internet and computer/ laptop. You can start and stop the services anytime you want. This technology also reduces the operational expenditure. As it reduces documentation storage costs, printing costs and maintenance costs.

  • It is flexible to work with

Solutions like cloud-based education ERP give a flexible approach for teachers and other stakeholders to work. Teachers can work in the school as well as from their home as and when required. Academia Student Information System also offers portals/ apps for teachers, administrators, parents and students by which they can operate via their mobile also. Parents can check their children’s updates from their portals. No need to stand in lines for long hours, no need to visit multiple departments to collect documents and no need to go to school to submit fees. They can go portal/ app and can do all that stuff with ease.

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  • It gives data security

In today’s era, everything is digital, so is the crime. If you are turning into a digital platform you can’t turn away your face from data theft. Although schools do not have extremely sensitive data but the loss of information of associated members can make a huge problem. The provider takes care of the security of the system. The information is highly encrypted and only the authorized users can access the information with credentials that he/she only knows.

  • It is scalable

All the organizations look for growth and it would be unfair if technology implementation hinders that growth. Thanks to the scalability of cloud computing it aids the growth of your school. It is the ability to upscale or downscale the software according to the demand for the solution. For instance one year you cross the target of admission rate, from 1000 to 2000. But you started with 1000 student admission. The software such as Academia SMS can be customized to manage the database of 2000 admissions without any manual intervention.

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These are just some of the benefits of implementing cloud-based ERP, there are many more. Digital transformation in school has become the primary need nowadays. If education leaders want to grow their institute and pace up the advancement in the school management system, they should start thinking about shifting to cloud tech.

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