Why Do Schools Need a Learning Management System & ERP More Than Ever?

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Technology came to the rescue of educational institutions during the time of the lockdown crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The government in India and most of the nations instructed educational institutions to follow the strict rules of lockdown owing to the security of students and teachers, which was essential as well.

However, technologies such as the Learning Management System (LMS) and Education Management System enabled educational institutions to carry on with the learning activity even during times of crisis.

In this post, let us learn about the specific advantages of the learning management system and education management system for educational institutions.

Key benefits of education management systems:

  1. Access to the information: The education ERP software can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. Any authorized user (teacher/staff/students/parents) can get any record they want with login credentials. It brings seamless workflow even with remote working. With automated system school management can access required information in real-time, enabling better decision-making at the individual level.
  2. On-time Student-Teacher Collaboration: Schools that have adopted a school management system have seen enhanced student-teacher collaboration. The system enables teachers to assign homework, provide feedback on assignments, and add behavioral information for each student. All these interactions happen online, over the application. Remote learning becomes much easier and more fun with the integration of the Learning Management System (which Academia ERP provides). We’ll discuss more on this.
  3. Increased Parents Involvement: In the digital age, guardians of students expect to remain informed of their ward’s performance and activity. The school management system enables the institution to do just that, with the parent portal or mobile app they check their child’s academic progress, track syllabus, etc. without the need of visiting the school campus. Thus, there is enhanced transparency and trust between the institution and student guardians.

Key benefits of learning management systems

  1. All eLearning content in one platform: Learning Management Systems like Moodle have made the management of learning material convenient without the need for hard drives, laptops, printed materials, etc. This enables educational institutions to provide hybrid learning and the risk of losing important information. Teachers find it convenient to prepare for their lectures and students learn with interest due to the interactive mode of learning.
  2. Easy-to-track learner’s progress: Learning Management Systems gives teachers the ability to keep track of students’ progress and ensure that they are meeting their potential. Suppose, if a student is not able to successfully complete any course, teachers can offer them supplemental resources to improve their performance. These systems feature reporting and analytics tools that also allow you to pinpoint areas of your eLearning course that may be lacking, as well as where it excels. If you discover that many of your online learners are struggling throughout a specific online lesson, for example, you can assess the eLearning content and make modifications if necessary.

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