A Message To All The School Teachers And Educators For The Lockdown Period

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Nobody thought that the day will come when the schools, colleges, and universities will remain closed for this long. We said it’s preposterous, and here we are, in our home, waiting for a CORONA free world. This CORONA outbreak has impacted everyone and everything that is existing in our world right now. No one is untouched. All sectors are affected, and among them are educational institutions also. All the plannings for the year 2020 will have to be redesigned from scratch owing to the unpredictability of these difficult times.

The time is tough for everyone, and therefore it becomes an utmost priority to take care of ourselves. But we can’t ignore the responsibility of educators towards their institutions.

In this article, you’ll learn what educators of schools, colleges, and universities can do for their institution management to handle the situation

For School Leaders

For you, it is of utmost importance that you stay clear, open, and transparent with your teachers and staff. They are also facing personal problems that can be financial or personal.
Thanks to the digital era, it is possible to connect and deliver the right message at the right time. You can inform them according to your government norms, whatever actions you are going to take for the new academic session.

If you are making any plan or redesigning every academic activity, make a proper team of your staff. Take a regular meeting via the various digital platforms (e.g., Hangout Meet, Zoom, etc.) to connect and collaborate. This can not only give a sense of positivity, but they’ll also remain engaged during the extra time they may have during the lockdown.

For School Principals

As we mentioned for the educators in our previous section, the same goes for school principals. In fact, the school principals will act as the bridge between school leaders and other staff, too make things clear & smooth.

You can use the mobile chat to connect & collaborate with teachers regularly. Keep them aligned with all the updates/changes in academic sessions.
As a leader of the school management, it’s the time to showcase your ability to maintain a level of harmony and hope among your staff.

For School Teachers

These are tough times, but you are needed more than ever. Your understanding of management is very crucial. Make sure that you’re following the explicit instruction of the institutions and updated with all the notification for upcoming sessions, holidays, curricula, and all.

Teachers can also use various tools to connect with students as well. If your institute is equipped with school management software, then it’ll become effortless to communicate with students, giving them various tasks to keep them busy. Teachers can also continue their curriculum delivering syllabus content through the software. They can mark attendance in using messenger such as WhatsApp, etc.

What’s next?

Times are unpredictable; there is no doubt in that. But there are always some solutions that come with time. During the lockdown, social distancing is prevalent, but it is still possible to keep your institution running smoothly. There are multiple ways to ensure this.

One of the ways is the automation of academic management. Many institutions are availing benefits of school management software.

With automation, teachers and staff can connect with students while being at home. They can give assignments, projects; check the homework, and update remarks. With the learning management system integration and online video call tool, teachers can also take online classes and provide study content as per requirement. Staff can collect tuition fees and other payments online. Parents can pay the fee via an online parent/ student portal.

There are many more benefits to the school management system. If you are looking for the smart start of your institute, you should start thinking about the automation of your school.

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