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Academia ERP by Serosoft Solutions is a unified ERP package to automate educational campuses. It helps automate and manage the entire campus operations, administration and learning needs in a very effective way. It ensures better interaction between students, teachers, parents & institute management. It also helps the top management to make effective managerial decisions leading to better management of resources available in the institute.
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5 ways in which a right Student Information System can empower higher educational institutions

It is prevalent that higher education has gone through a paradigm shift in the last decade, yet the universities/colleges have hardly evolved. It’s time to bring changes.

According to a study, around 98% of college-aged people own mobile phones and 93% own laptops. If your institution is still implementing old school methods to manage students of the digital generation, how are you planning to maintain the high student retention rate and be on top in the education industry?

A study by DJS research shows that 73% of students recommend to review and change their university’s digital strategy. They want the institutions to bring digital transformation in their academic management. This data explicitly shows the orientation of the students and what they are expecting from their institutions. 

Automation in educational institutions is gaining momentum, but it is still not reaching its potential as it should be. There are many hurdles responsible for that, such as being comfortable with traditional administrative management, lack of awareness, distrust in technology, financial clarity, fear of ROI, etc. 

Thanks to worldwide internet penetration, we are empowered to gain ample knowledge and information we need to know for any technology. And to find out how credibility, reliability, and authenticity of the technology, there are case studies to explore. 

Many educational technologies are designed to help educational institutions, and among them, one creating significant change is student information system software. It can help educators to manage the entire campus under a unified system, combining admissions, registrations, undergraduate records, curriculum management, and much more.

For most education leaders, the question remains the same; What is the best student information system for their institution?

Here are the few essential characteristics to look for while choosing the right software:

It should be able to monitor relevant student information.

An education ERP is a student information management system that monitors, manages, and stores complete student data in one place. From admissions to alumni records, everything is kept safe and secure on the cloud server. As it has multiple modules connected to each other, it becomes effortless to grab the relevant student information whenever needed. 

Academia Student Information System is a customizable and configurable system that allows institutions to personalize the software according to their norms and requirements.

It should streamline communication between staff, faculty, and students.

A centralized administration management system strengthens the communication between all the departments and brings seamless workflow among them. 

Teachers, employees, and students all have their respective portals from which they can access the information and apply/submit it whenever needed. Moreover, with push notifications, SMS, and email notifications, it ceases the communication gap between them.

It should provide the ability to track the complete student life cycle.

This is one of the key performance indicators (KPI) of student management software. It gives 360-degree automation in education and manages the complete student life cycle, right from the admission to graduation. The cloud-based solution for higher education is a comprehensive solution to store and manage the entire student database digitally. Any user with login credentials can track the student profile and generate the reports whenever needed. It reduces the cost of paper, hardware, and physical storage in educational institutions. 

Academia offers Parent Portal, by which parents can also have access to their student academic records. 

It should offer access to grade and attendance records.

Nobody can avoid the importance of grades and attendance records in higher education. Many institutions have strict rules of attendance that decide whether a student can sit for the exams or not. The same goes for grades. Due to this, it becomes crucial for students to keep track of their records and take on-time action if there are any issues. 

A student information system software provides full attendance and grade records. It helps teachers to mark online attendance, evaluate results, and more. Academia ERP also offers student apps in which students always have the data with them.

It should provide a reporting facility

The right student information system software should be equipped with the facility to provide detailed reports for the relevant department; from admission target reports, lead generation reports to student records, employee records, fee data, logistic reports, etc. 

Academia SIS provides analytical reports with graphical and visual aids that help decision-makers to make faster and better-informed decisions. It helps to increase overall productivity.


Student Information Management System has much more to offer than the above-mentioned features. It can also provide institutional financial management features to staff, better workflow, and modules to manage human resources, hostel, transportation, etc. If used mindfully, it can bring a high ROI with time. 

Academia SIS is benefiting 600K+ learners and educators in 14 countries around the world. Empowering institutions to bring high productivity and efficient academic performance. Are you ready to explore the fantastic features of Academia? Try it with a free demo. Book Now!

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