Serosoft cited in the 2019 Gartner Market Guide for Higher Education Student Information Systems

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We are very happy to announce that we are in Gartner 2019, May Market Guide for Higher Education Student Information System.

Gartner is a technological research and consulting firm that is based out of Stamford, Connecticut. It is known for conducting research on technology and sharing useful insights with people through its extensive reports — guiding buyers in their course of finding the right technology solutions. It is a private consulting firm that also holds executive programs and conferences.

So, when Academia ERP made it into the May 2019 Gartner Report, we could not hold our excitement. The report was – Market Guide for Higher Education Student Information System. It included factors that are a driving force for the faster adoption of Student Information Systems.

The report included factors like the SIS market is evolving vendors pursuing strategies to update legacy and new emerging offerings. CIOs must communicate to institution leaders that moving to configurable solutions requires understanding new business processes and commitment to optimization or digital transformation.

The research includes a list of representative vendors and states, with two types of SIS solution offerings:

  • Diminishing on-premises solutions
  • Aspiring cloud/SaaS offerings

While many SIS vendors continue to offer legacy and emerging cloud/SaaS solutions, cloud offerings continue to be the most attractive option for institutions looking to modernize.

Why do we believe we were cited in the research?

Academia SIS is a solution for higher education institutions that automates the complete student life cycle and facilitates activities for students, faculty, staff, and parents. It offers more than 20 modules to address the complete administrative processes. 

This highly configurable solution covers core student life cycle processes, including

  • Admission Management 
  • Enquiry Management 
  • Selection Process 
  • Program & Course Enrollment 
  • Exams & Evaluation Management 
  • Student Management 
  • Time-table & Class Management

It can also effectively manage non-core and extracurricular activities such as

  • Events
  • Hostels 
  • Transport 
  • Positive & negative incidents records 
  • Placements

Academia SIS has many more features to fulfill the key objectives of the institute management. It is a scalable, flexible, and accountable solution that works for all types from institutes – the K-12 school system to higher education including colleges, universities, and groups of institutes. 

The cloud-based solution is the future of education management

Automation of educational institutions through the Student Information System is becoming an increasingly favored practice and it is expected to expand further in the coming future. 

The SIS market with cloud computing is the future of academic management. With the continuous advancement in technology, it is becoming more student-centric, highly configurable, and more efficient in integrating processes, eventually ensuring student success.

Change your methodology of manual management and shift to automation. Streamline & align academic operations and ensure your institute’s success. Know more with a FREE demo now!

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