Academia SIS by Serosoft and One Solution Group Forge a Strategic Alliance to Revolutionize Global Education

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In a groundbreaking move, One Solution Group and the renowned industry leader, Academia SIS by Serosoft, have officially sealed a strategic partnership aimed at spearheading digital transformation within the global education sector. This collaboration represents an exciting milestone that brings together our unique strengths and expertise to provide cutting-edge solutions and services to educational institutions worldwide.

Mr. Arpit Badjatya, the Founder, CEO & MD at Academia SIS by Serosoft, shares his perspective on this monumental partnership, stating, “By joining forces, we leverage our respective strengths and expertise to deliver innovative solutions and services to educational institutions worldwide.”

Key Benefits of Our Partnership

  1. Expanded Reach: One Solution Group will gain access to Academia’s extensive network of educational institutions, unlocking new markets and expanding our customer base. Additionally, we aim to nurture and develop existing customers within the sector. 
  2. Enhanced Product Offerings: Through our collaboration with Academia SIS by Serosoft, One Solution Group will integrate their industry-leading educational solutions into our own and our partners’ products. This synergy empowers us to provide comprehensive and cutting-edge offerings to the educational sector. 
  3. Shared Resources and Knowledge: This strategic partnership entails the sharing of resources, research, and best practices between our two organizations. Such collaboration fosters mutual learning and innovation, driving the development of more effective educational solutions. 
  4. Market Credibility: Partnering with a renowned industry leader like Academia SIS by Serosoft enhances One Solution Group’s reputation and credibility within the educational sector. It builds trust with our customers while setting us apart from competitors.

A Pioneering Impact on Global Education

By harnessing the combined strengths of One Solution Group and Academia SIS by Serosoft, we are poised to make a substantial positive impact on the global educational sector. Together, we contribute to the advancement of education worldwide, ensuring a brighter future for learners everywhere.

About Academia ERP/SIS by Serosoft

Academia ERP/SIS by Serosoft is a comprehensive enterprise solution designed to automate academic and administrative processes in universities, colleges, schools, and training institutions. Built on cutting-edge technology with AI-enabled features, Academia SIS streamlines the entire student lifecycle, from initial prospecting to graduation. With over 40 modules, 400+ drill-down reports, cloud-based functionality, voice-assistant SERA, interoperability, and minimal manual intervention, Academia SIS enhances efficiency and provides greater control over systems and processes for all stakeholders. With more than 350 client institutions in 22 countries across four continents, Academia SIS is a well-established provider that has garnered widespread success and appreciation among its clients.

Learn more about Academia ERP/SIS by visiting here.

About One Solution Group

One Solution Group is an international software company, re-seller, and system integrator with its main office in the UAE and offices throughout Europe. Leveraging the ONE Digital Platform, world-class delivery capacity for education ERP, and extensive system integration experience, we offer unparalleled enterprise solutions as a service, setting us apart from our peers.

Discover more about One Solution Group at

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