Benefits of Academia Institute Management: Module Guide 102

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Last month we have started the Academia Institute Management blog series in which you will get to learn about how certain modules can help your institute to manage academic operations in a smarter way.

With 20+ modules and configurable features, Academia by Serosoft is an award-winning college management system that is helping thousands of educators and students across 11 countries.
These series outline in detail the key modules offered by Academia that effectively automate the administrative processes in an institution.

In this article, we’ll discuss three modules of Academia ERP i.e. Attendance Management, Student Management, and Time-table Management. You’ll learn about how automation can help to make admission better, student management more efficient, and timetable management smarter.

Attendance Management

Nobody can deny the importance of attendance in educational institutions. Whether it is a primary school or the largest university in the world, every institute goes through the attendance management processes. On average teachers spend around 5-10 minutes in this and before the end of the session they have to calculate attendance percentage, exam attendance records, get exam detention process due to low attendance, and whatnot. In a year of 261 working days, if a teacher spends 10 minutes in attendance every day, he/she will be spending 2610 minutes in a year i.e. approx 43hrs.

The good news is that it can be simplified with the help of automation.

Academia Institute Management System can reduce teachers’ workload. It can integrate biometric integration or smart card/RFID by which attendance can be marked easily. It can also generate attendance reports class-wise, section-wise, subject-wise, etc.

Here are the benefits of the Academia attendance management system

Student Management

Every institute is and should be student-centric. Managing student records, their personal and academic details, track of academic progress, marksheet, etc. requires continuous efforts of teachers and staff.

If an institute is not digitally enabled, all the processes are done manually which is not only tiring but also time-consuming.

Thanks to automation you can save a huge amount of time with it. In the Academia student management module, you can keep all the records under 100+ fields. Student can fill their details via the student portal, hence teachers and staff can save time there. You can also generate ID cards and barcode, generate reports with smart analytics and much more.

Timetable Management

Time-table, a scheduler that helps teachers and students to design their days and hence streamlines their learning processes in every session. Yet, most of the time, both the stakeholders find it difficult to stay aligned with the timetable and maintain a detailed record of everything in the calendar.

With the help of Academia, you can help teachers and students to stick to schedules easily. Time-table management is integrated with attendance management software that makes it easier to track attendance, sessions, subjects, syllabus, etc. Moreover, you can also generate reports for faculty and students as and when needed.

What’s next

Attendance, Student, and timetable management are three important modules of Academia Institute Management. They give digital transformation to class management, streamline day-to-day processes and simplify teachers’ lives. Stay tuned to learn another three important modules of Academia ERP and how they can shape your institute digitally.

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