Benefits of Academia Institute Management: Module Guide – 3

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In continuation of the series detailing out various modules offered by Academia, the third part discusses some of the most important ones related to institute management.

With 20+ modules and configurable features, Academia by Serosoft is an award-winning college management system that is helping thousands of educators and students across 12 countries.

Fee Management

One of the most important features especially for the administration department is the fee management module that helps create multiple fee plans according to the college’s needs and requirements.

Beginning with creating a student fee plan at the time of course enrollment, this feature generates reports on statements of account for each student, sponsor, and applicant for all transactions within a specific time range. It provides a discount calculation for stage selection and generates payable bills for the discount provided against each receivable bill including installment billing.

An important module to make the administration efficient and error-free, this module is equipped to settle the payable bills with the respective fee heads such as admission fee, hostel fee, transport fee, etc as well as manage refunds, cheque bounce and duplicate receipt issues.

Fee Management also comes with a facility of finance hold that restricts the student’s access to subject enrolments, exam results, etc. in case of outstanding fees

Exam & Mark Sheet Management

This module can efficiently handle all the exam-related processes in addition to preparing and managing pre-examinations tasks. To begin with, it manages exam notifications to send to student/parent/faculty portals along with exam programs and student registration.

It can generate hall tickets and design exam schedules as well as manage exam day processes along with student exam attendance.

The module evaluates and manages different marking heads i.e. mid-term, viva and final semester, records student performance as well as prepares results, transcripts and generates reports for result analysis.

An important feature of the exam and fee management module is that it can generate reports on the basis of student average and the course average for performance analysis of students and courses.

Certificates, Documents & File Management

Document management is a key aspect of every organization. Not to mention, educational institutions go through endless documents of students every year. If it is a university or group of institutes that offer multiple courses then the document becomes even tougher.

Thank to automation, it has become simpler than ever. Academia has features that help staff and teachers to minimize manual intervention and digitize certification, document and file management. You can map files with multiple locations within an organization, send file acknowledgment notification post the approval of the authority, set priority and the due date for approval and much more.

In Academia certification management, student/teachers can request for certificates, user can generate documents with document generators and print directly, keep records of all the certificates at the time of admission.

What’s next

Academia ERP helps institutes to simplify their regular academic operation. Documentation, examination and fee management are few of the most complex processes in institute management, but with Academia administration processes become simple and efficient. In the next blog of module guide series, you’ll learn how you can manage the library, HR department, and hostel with Academia ERP.

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