EdTech Partner: The Key Role It Plays Between an Institution & Product Provider

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The buying process at the school district is a mystery. They are not just the people that would take faster decisions. Often many people are involved in the decision-making and this causes indefinite lags, confusion, and delays in the process of buying and implementing software. 

However, the best edtech providers have found a key solution to this problem. Over time the technology providers such as Academia ERP moved on from the traditional setup of a buyer and seller – and conjured it into a partnership. It is imperative that an edtech company operates as a true partner alongside the school, which gives a wider scope for innovation and the provision of solutions that definitely make a difference in the lives of administrators, students, parents, and teachers. 

For this entire plan to function edtech companies need someone as an impartial mediator between the school and the edtech company. They partner with people that represent the company in front of the school and ensure seamless communication between the school and the company. This includes analyzing the needs of the school, educating the decision-makers about the available best options and best implementation practices, communicating the need for customizations and integrations in the product to meet the needs of an institute, etc. 

In short, edtech companies are looking for dynamic people that can physically be there to know the needs of the school and communicate them to the company for the best possible outcome. 

  • A good listener

It is important for edtech companies to learn about the problems and needs of teachers, parents, students, and administrators. If the product is great but does not come in use by even one of the stakeholders that means it was a bad investment. 

As a partner with the edtech company, the person needs to be a good listener that gives importance to crucial information shared by the stakeholders and communicates it in the best possible way to the edtech company. 

  • Be intentional at fit

Since the partner is from the same demography and may belong to the same community group, for an offshore ERP provider it becomes easier to penetrate the market and understand the way a certain education system functions. 

A partner can thus define if the product is a right fit for the market or not. It can suggest changes to the product and bring more improvement to meet the needs of the new territory. It can provide industry insights that are more unique than just basic research.

  • Human touch 

As a partner to a product company established offshore, a partner becomes the face of the brand. Although a school can easily do basic research on the internet about the reliability of the brand and quality of the product — talking with someone in person gives the next level of confidence to people in the brand. 

Wrapping Up 

Partnering with edtech companies puts you in the limelight where you become the face of the brand. It becomes the partner’s responsibility to establish the brand in the new territory and ensure the product has high usability in the market. For this, they share their understanding, experience, knowledge, and market insights with the edtech company to bring more improvement to the product. Most of all, the responsibility of retaining a customer is shouldered by the partner. So, yes it is a challenging role, yet dynamic and profitable. If you are looking for a job such as this, get in partnership with us. 

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