School ERP | A Robust Communication Management System for Better Stakeholder Engagement

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A School Management System (SMS) does a lot of things for your institution. It helps you run engaging admission campaigns, manage student lifecycle and support your other academic and non-academic activities. But did you know, it comes with a communication management system that can increase stakeholder engagement by 2X? 

Most administrators face problems in communicating crucial information, given an institute has several stakeholders in the system. In fact, a few schools are using a register or a notification board to communicate information to teachers, staff, and students. They are just hoping that the word of mouth spreads and people would get the information that is crucial for them to know. Eventually, the information spreads but it is usually a slow and inefficient process, especially when actions need to be taken by stakeholders in a timeframe. 

This results in bad experiences, increased dissatisfaction, a lot of confusion and last-minute work, etc. 

For this to not happen at your school, we suggest you try a School Management System that provides robust communication management. 

What does communication management mean? 

A communication management system helps an administrator to communicate with all or different stakeholders from a single platform and keep people updated with necessary information on time for improved engagement and experience. 

Education ERP software is an efficient and effective tool for a stable and reliable communication facility for people that are involved in academic and administrative processes in a school. It offers a variety of modes of communication such as SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Line, Push Notification, etc., to send information without any disruption to the right stakeholder. It is perfect for mass communication and individual communication. It comes with a straightforward feedback system as well to address any issues with the facilities and services in a school. 

All in all, it supports two-way communication between super admins, admins, parents, teachers, and students for improved connectivity and engagement in a school ecosystem. 

List of features in School Management Software for Communication

  1. Dedicated portals for teachers, students, applicants, parents, and administrators 
  2. Single dashboard for managing communication
  3. Integrated with various modes of communication

School Communication Tools in the School ERP

  • SMS Integration

SMS integration allows you to relay information to various stakeholders in the system over mobile phones. You can send them an SMS stating the necessary information. It is one of the best ways to communicate with people as mobile communication has become very common among people of all ages. 

Use the feature to send alerts to parents. Teachers can use the feature to communicate important things to students and parents, and administrators to can use it to connect with staff, parents, and students. 

  • Email Integration

Works the same way as SMS integration however the communication is over email. If you do not prefer SMS communication and want to keep things more professional and official then go with email integration. It allows you to send emails in bulk and to individuals.

  • WhatsApp Integration

WhatsApp is probably the most widely used internet-based messaging application. Use the app in your official communications and send end-to-end encrypted messages to students, parents, and staff. It is one of the most reliable forms of communication and also one of the most cost-effective. The setup is pretty simple and you can ask your vendor to add it to your communication toolkit.

Furthermore, if you are not keen on using WhatsApp and have some other app in mind, talk about this with your vendor. Most messaging apps provide business solutions nowadays. Depending on your location and stakeholder choose the right app.

  • In-built Messaging System

An in-built messaging system is good for private communication between the stakeholders. If there is particular information that needs to be shared with only a group of people or individual push notifications are your things. An in-built messaging system would send a notification to an individual that can be read or accessed securely by logging into their portal. They can take a variety of actions as well on that information, depending on the rights shared with them by the admin. 

Push notifications maintain the confidentiality of information as they can only be accessed by logging into their account on the portal, which is most of the time laced with multi-factor authentication. 

Wrapping Up

Communication has been important in the evolution of the human race and so for your institute as well. An institute with a weak communication system can cause a lot of delays and mismanagement in its academic and administrative processes. Make sure your school ERP system comes with a robust communication management system and offers you a variety of ways to stay in touch with individuals, groups, or all stakeholders. 

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