EdTech Partnerships to enhance the Future of Education

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EdTech Partnerships to enhance the Future of Education

The world has started to restore order after a long battle with the pandemic. The education industry is also reanalyzing the choices they have made with respect to choosing the education technologies that were implemented in haste to counter the immediate challenge. 

All in all, education technology has made a massive difference in the lives of students and teachers. The best edtech entrepreneurs understand this and are constantly realigning their products to the changing needs of the institutes. But only the best ones. 

It gets people thinking, in the post-pandemic world, would all the brands that mushroomed and thrived in the pandemic have any chance to survive now

However, this is very clear. The education industry is not looking back and will undoubtedly undergo digital transformation. If you want to leverage this opportunity by becoming a partner with good brands, you have to be very choosy and also accurate while making a decision. Here is how you can identify a good partner. 

  • Is the brand building long-term relationships with the customers? 

Good brands are all about building long-term relationships with their clients. This impacts how they provide service to their existing customers and constantly improve the product to attract new clients. Their primary focus is to retain customers, which is the best tactic to survive in a competitive environment and build a strong base for the future. Check out the company portfolio and identify how many new customers they have added after the pandemic and how many they have retained. 

  • How flexible is the brand to meet the changing needs of customers? 

Building a product and implementing it is only the beginning. The world has long moved from legacy software that didn’t provide the flexibility to accommodate the changing needs of the customer. But with modern systems, it is easier to constantly innovate and develop solutions relevant to the customer’s needs of today and tomorrow. Hence, brands that provide education institutes these benefits are likely to have a better chance of survival. And the brands are still not ready to evolve and have a cloudy future in the market. 

  • How are stakeholders using the product? 

The usability of the product is a reality check for every product. It is important to know what benefits the product provides to the customers and how useful the product is in everyday institutional activities. A brand that has a focus on transforming the lives of its stakeholders would constantly be seen improving the product’s core functionalities. And hence improving the user experience constantly to nurture customer loyalty. 

Way Forward

These are the three parameters on which you can analyze a brand’s future in the education industry. If you are looking for a partner with all these qualities, you might be interested in partnering with us. We have an award-winning education ERP with 320+ customers in 22 countries. We are innovative and reliable and have transformed the lives of 800,000+ educators and learners. If you want to learn about our partner program, drop a ‘Hi’ here, and we will get back to you within 2-3 business days. 

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