Is cloud-based Education ERP safe for your institute?

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This is the most common question that is asked by decision makers of education institutions, especially in higher education. Higher education institutions data is subjected to a data breach or data theft as it has all kinds of data from financial records, endless student records from all the years, important research papers, patents, and many more.

Let’s know what are the threats that are hovering over your data

  • Malware
  • Phishing
  • Obsolete/outdated technology
  • Unawareness towards the volubility of data
  • Human error

There many more in the line as threats are evolving with the technology as well.

What is the role of cloud-based education ERP?

Cloud-based Education ERP is a software solution for educational institutions for reorganizing institutions, standardizing business practices and alignment of technology to manage complete data management. It stores all the data on cloud by three types of services i.e. SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), On-premises and Hybrid.

Education ERP aka Student Information System fast-tracks the academic operations via automation and increase the productivity of the institutions.

Leaving all your data on a cloud-based Education ERP might feel risky as sometimes it tough to understand its functionalities. It should be noted that the cloud is a highly secure platform to store & manage your data but the security is a shared responsibility of vendors and institutions.

Here is how the cloud offers the security of data-

You get the control of all the data from the single platform

Cloud erp softwarePeople who are fans of a cloud-based data management system, they love the control they have over their data. The admin can offer the privilege to any user with customizable access to functions to handle various departments. Cloud gives you the facility of encryption, multiple authentications, and access management via a single platform.

You get rid of human interventions in data management

The institutions which use their own server or they control the data physically. If you understand the processing of education world you know that the data created by institutions are endless and it is next to impossible to keep all the data with complete safety and immune to damage.

Many people have access to an on-campus data server. No matter how many types of securities (CCTV, multiple checkpoints for an identity check, etc. ) you install in to enter the data room; it is always prone to data breach and one humane mistake can cause the whole management system to halt causing loss of data, time and money.

The plus point with most cloud providers is that they back up the data to multiple locations that cease the chance of data loss. Moreover, the recovery of data from the cloud is quite easy and it minimizes the human error to zero.

Additional benefits of cloud-based Education ERP

24x7x365 connectivity and uptime of the system for the end user to make full use of the software.

Cloud-hosted server management is taken care of by experts and you need not worry about hiring server administrators and IT team to do so.

Server upkeep, maintenance, upgrades, patches are all taken care of by the Cloud Service provider.

Cloud-hosted servers configuration can be changed on demand as compared to fixed configurations for on-premise servers, giving endless flexibility with hardware configurations in case required in cloud hosting.

Managed backup services are better in Cloud hosting, which can give suitable disaster recovery options in case the servers fail due to hardware reasons.


Leaving all your important data to new technology can be overwhelming, but if you understand the technology thoroughly it can benefit you and your institute amazingly. Cloud-based Education ERP can reorganize and standardize administrative operations of educational institutions.

Do you know cloud-based solutions can give a high-value disaster recovery solution for data of your institute?

Learn more about the amazing benefits of cloud-based ERP solution by our experts. Schedule a free demo now.


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